Breaking: Investigation clears Nicola Sturgeon of breaking ministerial code |

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yeah james hamilton has found that Nicola Sturgeon did not breach the ministerial code he looked at a number of accusations that she did and i’ll just give you some of them sarah whether the first minister attempted to influence the conduct of an investigation into alex almond whether she broke the code by continuing with the judicial review the challenge that he lost that that he launched whether she misled parliament about meetings with alex almond and whether she her meeting with jeff aberdeen alex allman’s former chief of staff and meetings and phone calls she had with mr salmond constituted a breach of the ministerial court on all those counts and all these accusations he has said that she did not the first minister has issued a statement within the past couple of minutes i’ll just read the top of that to you um she says i welcome the conclusions of james hamilton’s independent investigation which are comprehensive evidence-based and unequivocal she says he’s considered all the allegations against me i’m happy that his reports findings clear me of any breach of the ministerial code today i want once again to remind people at the heart of this case where women who have the courage to come forward and complain the first minister goes on that they were let down by the scottish government’s handling of their complaints is not in dispute and i again apologize to them for that so there you go Nicola Sturgeon pleased with finding clearly she will be relieved because her career hung on it had she been found guilty of breaching the ministerial code knowingly then that would have been a matter in the view of her opponent certainly for resignation but the breaking news right now is that james hamilton who’s been looking into what would have been a very serious matter her role that no she didn’t break the ministerial code what at the timing of this uh james just before the start of the hollywood election campaign yeah well that clearly is hanging over uh all of this may the sixth is the the scottish election this is the last week the last functioning week of the scottish parliament and nicolas sturgeon you know she would have faced a degree of pressure not just this week but no doubt it would have hung over into the election campaign and it would have laid down one of the central themes uh of that campaign you know a first minister in the eyes of her opponents who had breached the code and essentially lacked appropriate integrity that’s not been the finding of james hamilton in this independent review there will be accusations the remain calls for her resignation indeed they will be articulated tomorrow in the parliament chamber when there is a motion of no confidence brought by the scottish conservatives a motion of no confidence in Nicola Sturgeon now had this report gone against her that would have been troublesome because the greens who currently are standing by the snp and the first minister on this matter and she needs their votes to to vote down any no confidence motion so they’ve got the greens in the bag at the moment had that been a critical report the greens might have had second thoughts and then she would have been in trouble in terms of the numbers in that no-conference vote as things stand uh one imagines the greens will stand firm with the snp so there’s every chance that she will survive that vote of no confidence ever likely that she will survive um unscathed but you know whether or not there is damage and continuing fallout from this i suppose we’ll wait and see but um she and her government certainly see her as being in the clear and it’s fair to say that she’s been cleared by james hamilton in in this report

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