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your thoughts about mr buddy baeheim i i mean usually when you hear about a coach’s son uh are playing you know what it’s good for him to be on the team he’s got a great relationship daddy’s important etc no that ain’t the case here this dude can play i want you to talk about his game and what you see what you’ve seen from him this season i’ll tell you stephen a you hit it on the nail man he’s saying he’s taken after his mother julie in terms of his attitude and personality i’m only teasing i love jim day i got a note from him this morning but i will tell you this this kid is for real you know what he reminds me of stephen a molly and max he reminds me of a guy that said can’t play in the nba never could play in the nba you know but pat riley said i’m gonna give him a shot and that’s Duncan Robinson there’s no substitute for guys that can stroke the ball that can make that shot and when you look at buddy mayheim when he shoots it i feel there’s a chance it’s going in he’s been putting up incredible numbers even in the acc when he played against virginia and elizabeth 31 you get 31 against virginia teams don’t get 31 on them sometimes he gets 31 this kid is the legit real deal he is a star s-t-a-r and i can even spell that i belong in a spelling bee steven a i can smell star vicky v one of the great things about doing this show cause i do a radio show in the afternoons the max kellerman show on espn radio 2 p.m easterns uh as i sharpen my takes against stephen a smith over here but i have dickey v on right now and i want to run something past you is this the best considering we’re coming off a year of no tournament we’re coming out hopefully of a global pandemic we’re starving for sports and then this happens this weekend of madness happens is this the greatest opening weekend of the tournament all things considered ever you know i would have to say yes based on all those factors and i’ll go one step further and i know stephen a’s gonna scream at me nba nba but you know what i don’t care if he screams at me because i’ll scream back this is the greatest sporting event of them all when it’s a one-time shot and a party’s over there’s nothing like it i love the nba the nba’s got the greatest athletes in the world but it’s four out of seven you could slip three times and you’re gonna advance if you win the four well that’s not happening in college basketball man just ask illinois they’re home four out of seven maybe they beat certainly when you look at loyola but he get one shot and that’s the beauty of the game max it is unbelievable what has transpired i get excited about it i’m just excited we got basketball but now to have it also having these magical moments makes it even better vicky v i would never scream at you my man i would never do that i would never do that but i will tell you i will tell you this as i’m watching i was not surprised at all that illinois got knocked off i will tell you this i’m loving what i’m seeing from baylor their athleticism their ability to finish at the basket that’s impressive to watch gonzaga we’re gonna continue to see what they do michigan i mean there’s nothing to sneeze at right now when you look at some of these top seeds still playing who impresses you most gonzaga i think gonzaga i told you last time i was on with you guys that i thought against england would go 32-0 and i don’t change i really believe that i think they got three dynamite players that as we talked last time cover every important part of the floor uh jalen sucks the best probably point guard in the nation according to manny uh corey kissman could shoot the three from the wing area drew timmy gives them post-presence in a lane they got role players i love that team but i agree with you stephen a about bella what i saw in bella was reminiscent of when they were 17-0 before they got hit by colvin when they got hit by colvin they really went back a while it took a while to get that rhythm going and now all of a sudden they seem to have that they got the best back court in basketball when you look at numbers you think about certainly butler who’ll be an nba player you think about the kid mitchell who can stroke it you think about teague and then you factor in off the bench to get flagler who gives a point production there’s no doubt about it coach uh sorry dicky v when when you look at what’s happened in the tournament so far one of the things that jumps out to me is the big 10 is 500.

The pac-12 is on fire like what are we to make of this the fact that the fact that things are upside down yeah that’s a great point when you look certainly in a pack 12 we got oregon state right now and here and you look at oregon state they were picked pre-season last in the conference yet they wanted to turn them in coach tickle’s done a heck of a job getting outstanding player ethan thompson but the pact 12 has done a fantastic job and i think there’s a reason and i want to share this and i don’t know it’s not factual it’s not technical it’s just my vbdi vital ball dome index saying that i think that during the course of the year that the big ten teams have beaten each other up so much every game was physical every game was right to the wire beating one another i think it took its toll however i don’t want to take anything away loyola chicago beating illinois let me tell you porter moser and those kids have did a great job they get cruel week inside was a dominating player illinois as explosive i believe i may be wrong but i think they won 14 of their last 15 games everybody was raving about them i was raving about them they were terrific but they could never put a run or a spurt against loyola and lyon chicago had the magic had the magic sister gene naming the father son holy spirit praying on the sideline and they couldn’t deal with a good deal and it doesn’t hurt right expect one of them let me ask you this when we’re talking about the big ten teams going against a non-big ten team obviously sec here we got michigan lsu tonight what can we expect here all i’m gonna say molly all i’m gonna say is michigan fans i would right now go and get my pepto bismol on the side and start chewing on because it’s going to be stressful it’s going to be stressful pepto sent me a bunch of pepto tablets but i’m going to tell you this hey when you look at that team lsu has three guys that could possibly play the nba cameron thomas javonte’s smart and you talk about watford those guys can play and their support players have really become up to get hyatt’s come up big time for them uh will weeds wade’s team is coach well they understand how to play i had him against alabama this team is legit however saying all that i think the difference maker will be nothing like offensive and defensive efficiency in a three-second area thank you for watching espn on youtube sign up for the tournament challenge at espn.com bracket or download the app today

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