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we begin tonight with breaking news a state of emergency in miami beach officials just announcing they will be extending a curfew through mid-april this was the scene last night hundreds of people mostly without masts packing the streets defying that order causing police to crack down even firing pepper balls to disperse the crowds Florida leads the country in cases of the u.k variant miami reporting the highest test positivity of all major cities this past week 15 states are seeing an increase in cases and in michigan just in the past two weeks a 92 percent spike in cases experts warn we are not out of the woods just yet even with vaccinations picking up averaging nearly two and a half million shots a day about ten thousand just at this location in nashville alone officials are urging tonight not to let our guard down too soon abc’s victor aquendo leads us off tonight from miami beach tonight a state of emergency in miami beach massive crowds defying an 8 p.m curfew skip that curfew we out here we out here no sleep police moving in shooting pepper balls to break up the mostly massless sea of people this car set on fire quite frankly i’m concerned that the behavior is getting getting a little bit more for us to be able to handle more than a thousand people arrested since the start of spring break some businesses like the popular clevelander deciding to temporarily close over safety concerns miami beach residents are frustrated 90 percent of these kids are good kids you know they just want to have a good time but when you get a lot of people together and too much alcohol it’s a problem late today city leaders holding an emergency meeting it has certainly felt like our city has been a tender over the last few weeks i have a personally had trouble even sleeping at night worrying Florida reporting nearly 4 000 new covid 19 infections today the state leading the nation with the most cases of the highly contagious uk and brazilian variants new york city reporting its first case of the brazilian variant this weekend all this as travelers are taking to the skies in record numbers and cases increasing in 15 states michigan seeing a 92 percent spike in cases over the last two weeks we’re not out of the woods yet and we could potentially be at the beginning of another surge in michigan the vaccine still the best defense against the virus these vaccines are exceedingly safe they’ve actually been tested really really well the nation now averaging nearly two and a half million daily shots into arms good morning mass vaccination sites popping up nationwide this one in nashville providing nearly 10 thousand people with johnson and johnson’s single shot take care of my 98 year old blind grandfather so it’s kind of important to get vaccinated as soon as possible and in ohio beth and stan rosenbloom for months only seen their great grandchildren from behind glass doors and balconies now both fully vaccinated finally able to give them a hug i was in tears it was so wonderful how about you stan i loved it so nice to see those reunions victor aquino joins us now from miami beach and victor a second curfew taking effect tonight and officials have just announced they’re now extending it lindsay this just happened moments ago these emergency measures will continue to be enforced thursdays through sundays until at least april 12th which they call the end of the spring break season one last note here according to hhs miami has the highest test positivity rate of any major city in the last week.

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