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This is weekly earthquake information that tells you about the earthquakes that occurred in the past week. Please see this image first. This is from the 15th. It is a plot of the epicenter of the earthquake that I felt in my body that occurred by 10 am yesterday Sunday. It’s okay to have a big one for this week, Yagi.

Around 18:00 on Saturday, there was an earthquake at Barbarian Central Exit 9 and it was a fairly wide area. We had a strong advantage. Also, in the northern part of Wakayama prefecture, there was a magnitude 4 point 6 earthquake before dawn on the 15th. Click here for details of these earthquakes. It was only 89 minutes later.

It was a magnitude 6.9 earthquake with an epicenter off the coast of Miyagi prefecture. A huge earthquake of magnitude 9 that caused the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake It is considered to be one of the aftershocks of that earthquake. The maximum seismic intensity is booming, and there are many people who have many dawns, and damage is occurring in various places. This man relocation 6.

9 is the earthquake itself. Parents The activity is sluggish for themselves following this. However, even after this, I hear that it is a god child or about 4 Please be careful where you continue to slow down as you may be Although it is around here, it is very active in the first place.

According to the summary of the government’s Headquarters for earthquake Research Promotion, it will be a bug off the coast of Goat prefecture within the next 30 years. Addictive Class Snena Nana + Previous It is said that the probability of that earthquake occurring is 90% or more, and a big earthquake may come again Please think about it like this and prepare for it on a daily basis.

And Wakayama Prefecture, isn’t it? I am confident of a magnitude of 4.6 that occurred before dawn on the 15th. It was a very shallow earthquake with an epicenter depth of 4 km. For this reason, the cut near the ground is strong and the vibrator exchange belongs to this area, but in July 2011, the magnitude was 5.


Also, in 1987, a magnitude 5.6 earthquake occurred, and a magnitude 4 class 5 class earthquake was very active in the collar and Eastern Europe. In northern Wakayama prefecture. Since an earthquake that damages the thighs may occur as much as Adele.

It can be said that measures are still indispensable for people in western Japan, and it is the movement of the world. It’s a plot of 5 or more earthquakes, but the one that stands out is the Mediterranean. There was a magnitude 6 point 0 earthquake near the coast of Algeria. Although it was flourishing, the idea was that seismic activity was originally active in Europe and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in northern Africa. Even in Maru Jeria, there was a magnitude 7.

7 earthquake in 1980, which caused great damage, and recently in 2003. More than 2000 people died in a magnitude 68 earthquake From the perspective of walking in the Pacific Rim, seismic activity is very active on a global scale, but there are areas where seismic activity occurs even at tsundere stores in Europe and Africa.

I thought Business Week earthquake Information

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