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sarah everard’s family had still clung to the hope she’d be found alive but a week after she vanished on a London street almost to the hour came the news they had dreaded detectives and search teams investigating sarah’s disappearance have found very sadly what appears to be human remains as you can imagine at this early stage we are not able to confirm any identity and indeed that may take us some considerable time police had begun several searches in kent this in woodland around a disused leisure complex in the countryside outside ashford earlier in the day scotland yard announced the arrest in kent of one of its own uniformed officers on suspicion of kidnap and murder the news today that it was a metropolitan police officer who was arrested on suspicion of sarah’s murder has sent shock waves and anger through the public and through the met i speak on behalf of all my colleagues when i say that we are utterly appalled at this dreadful dreadful news a forensics team searched for clues in a house in deal on the kent coast during the day investigators took away two cars for detailed examination for six days police had concentrated their searches around clapham common where sarah vanished during a walk home her disappearance left many women in the area fearing for their own safety Londoners will want to know that it is thankfully incredibly rare for a woman to be abducted from our streets but i completely understand that despite that women in London and the wider public perhaps particularly those in the area where sarah went missing we’ll be worried and may be feeling scared police worked late into the night at the major search site and continued to appeal for anyone with information about sarah’s disappearance the suspect is in his forties he works in parliamentary and diplomatic protection detectives have up to three more days to question him before they must charge or release him outside scotland yard sympathizers held a silent vigil in support of safety for women on the capitol streets

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