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First though as we said we are starting today with a story dominating headlines around the world this morning last night after weeks of speculation we finally got to hear Harry and megan‘s story as they sat down with the oprah for a tell-all interview well the interview aired in the u.s last night and we’ll get to see it here tonight at 9pm on itv to discuss all the latest we’re joined in the studio now by our royal editor camilla thomanny good morning to you we’re echoing oprah’s recreated the royal garden which is uh actually her friend gail king’s garden in uh in california so we’ve watched this um whoa and uh and everyone was expecting a bombshell interview it’s two hours long it is compelling from beginning to the very last question at the very end absolutely and you used the word unvarnished yeah well i think the royals were saying weren’t they beforehand that they were going to be hiding behind the sofa and i would suggest that they are probably now in the bunker still taking cover i mean the rains the blows were raining down weren’t they almost as soon as it started but the the they were raining down principally and as i said at the beginning show there were a couple of grenades in there um the race issue it was a grenade and the mental health issue is a is a grenade absolutely no attack on the queen whatsoever yeah um the biggest attack is on the establishment or the firm which they kept on referring to what is the difference then let’s explain that good question holly i mean some of their terminology was quite generalized so you were watching it thinking are you referring to the actual royal family here are you referring to the people who work for the royal family are you referring to the institution of monarchy itself obviously that extraordinary claim about somebody asking about what archie’s skin tone might look like upon birth they didn’t attribute to anyone so the viewer was left guessing who you talking about megan said it was a family member Harry was then asked to confirm and wouldn’t but the effect of that of course is it suggests that the institution the people within it working and as royals are in some way racist because we can’t pin down who made this comment you can understand that they certainly wouldn’t name that person because that is really quite incendiary to say that someone was discussing the what color will the children’s skin be as to whether or not they would perhaps become a prince uh whether if you if you are a prince then you are security funded if you are not you are not funded and he quite clearly archie quite clearly isn’t in fact now neither is Harry we’ve gotta we’ve got a clip of this a little bit so that is i mean that’s the grenade right there i mean they will be reeling for that from that um and so what what does that mean where did they go from here the royal family hearing something like that surely though because they have already said that they’ve launched an investigation into these bullying allegations last week they can’t come back with anything other than we are going to investigate this right how can they not do that you know there are two sort of incendiary things that you can do in any kind of workplace and one of them is to bully and the other is to use a race i guess the difference is making racism marrying allegations were made in in the workplace as such we don’t know but megan sort of suggested this was a family member do things need to be investigated within private conversations between family members because she’s talking about it in the context of what status and title the child should have and what protection the child should have so i think you can’t look at this and say that it doesn’t merit further inquiry yeah i can appreciate what you’re saying phil about this idea that it’s going to be difficult to name someone but conversely you know the couple have often said reporters like me and other royal correspondents bandy around claims with unnamed sources so i just think that that’s such a serious allegation that you know sunlight is probably going to be the best disinfectant in terms of trying to clear through it we will never know who said that i don’t believe we will ever know who said that but what it does do is it for for us this morning watching it and i think for many people watching it this evening when it’s on at nine o’clock it will shine a light on something a lesson maybe that isn’t being learnt in these modern times that this is that this is potentially a very serious issue for a family that purports to be you know sort of modern thinking the queen is mod there is absolutely no attack whatsoever within this on the queen even you’re speaking in terms of there is some inherent racism in this family right and so that surely merits further investigation not necessarily i didn’t say within the family but within the within wherever that was the couple are saying that a family member said this yes megan goes up megan goes on to say that when when they were discussing colonial reporting um and there is a great deal of of the the really very very cruel newspaper headlines and reports that were written about her very different to the way things were written about kate um that members of parliament stood up against the the racism that she was suffering from but the family didn’t yeah but then also what do we then do with the mental health stuff so megan is saying that she was close to suicide that there was a particular moment where she thought she couldn’t carry on she and Harry had to attend an engagement this would have been in the february of 2019 to the royal albert hall she put a smile on her face he said we don’t have to do it she said um i don’t think i can be left alone there was then this discussion about why when she went to the palace hr people she wasn’t supported was she is it the help she asked for help she needed help she wanted to get professional help and she was told that it it wouldn’t look well on the the words that she said where there’s nothing she said that they said to her there’s nothing we can do to help you because you were not a paid employee now i appreciate that that is a damning indictment if that was the case on the reaction from the palace powers that be but ancillary to that we know that prince Harry has suffered from his own mental health problems and consulted professional advice so there must have been the channels not least when you consider that the sussexes and the cambridges all worked on the heads together man campaign you know every mind matters that she couldn’t have accessed professional help via her husband or other close friends um i wanted to ask you also about the the conversation that was had about kate and about this just before the wedding that there were the tears and i think at the time i think it was actually i wrote this story it was your story wasn’t it and the story that you wrote was that there was an argument for the wedding regarding the bridesmaids dresses in fact let’s just see what she said about it hold on so they are saying with your story the reverse happens a few things on that first of all as you know you know i don’t write things that i don’t believe to be true and that haven’t been really well sourced um what’s interesting about them coming out with that now is obviously i’m well known for doing royal coverage so at any point in time when we had published that i would have expected to have received a phone call saying it’s wrong or it’s misconstrued this mustn’t be reported again i don’t know you’d even expect editorial compliance to be involved that never happened i’ve got to say though that that’s all addressed in that interview isn’t it because they said that no she couldn’t understand why nobody stood up for her nobody yes phoned up and said that’s not true i appreciate that i appreciate that but it wasn’t as if the entire machinery didn’t have plenty of time on their so-so to address that if they didn’t think it’s true she also also he also said that that that very machinery was part of the the reason that these stories continued to to be perpetuated was because nobody nobody within the establishment uh the institution stood up for her they let you write these stories but they didn’t ever refute them i don’t agree with that because there’s always people briefing on all sides so there are different households and different principles as they’re called members of the royal family that you’re dealing with on a daily basis about the stories you’re writing any opportunity was lying then do you think she i think no but i think like any story maybe it was more nuanced when i originally reported it i said kate was left in tears okay and i i said it was confused like what had happened here but i did get it well sourced i’ve subsequently received you know a message this morning saying that story was accurate did they both end up in tears did megan not know that kate was in tears she’s claiming that kate had given her an apology bunch of flowers and a card is megan in a position to comment on whether the duchess was upset by the incident i mean well those are the only two women that really matter in this story because they were there yeah but of course what’s interesting about this is megan is making this point about having been silenced but yet wanting to speak for women and being an advocate of women she goes she Harry then comes in and says you know at the end of the day all my royal relatives are trapped they can’t speak for themselves they’re in an impossible position that’s why i left they then both go on to oprah speak for two hours making allegations about the duchess of cambridge that she’s never going to be able to address much as we’d love her to she’s never going to be sitting down in this chair giving you a heart to heart she’s never going to be on oprah neither is the queen because what we’re led to believe by watching that and they’re they’re all trapped they’re all trapped they they’re they’re in the life that they as a as a couple decided this is it we can’t take this anymore and i think he says that his father’s trapped he says his brother’s trapped i think we can sympathize can’t we i don’t think anyone in the run-up to watching this um interview sort of thought that the royals were a nuclear family right we all knew the windsors windsors were rather thermonuclear okay we’ve seen that over the last however many decades um what i think people will be left with though is some questions about why such an attack was necessary and i appreciate that they kind of tried to single out the queen and saying well you know we obviously have enormous respect for her this is still a 94 year old woman at the head of a family that they have effectively unleashed whose husband is he’s in hospital at the age of 99 prince charles again cops an enormous amount of criticism by association the idea he wasn’t returning his son’s phone calls prince william doesn’t come out of it particularly well either and what you’re left with as a viewer is this kind of sense of this relationship imploding and having no way back i suppose what you’re thinking is makes it happened thankfully they’ve said you know the fairy tale has a happy ending because they are now as megan had already said to tom bradbury you know she wanted to thrive rather than survive they’ve got that now was it really necessary to have done this at all what’s that now she addresses that in the beginning when she says you know she advocated for women to use their voice and then she was silent so in a way she’s this is her this idea of her being silenced i don’t know about you but i was familiar with her narrative before she sat down with oprah her narrative was made clear even from the moment that Harry issued the initial press statement it was important for her to shine a light on the way that she’d been treated yeah in the media she had something to do of course and it was a and you look at the side by side and there’s a story about an avocado which i won’t go into now but the two very different ways that that was reported and people have short memories i mean when kate first came on the scene people were making extraordinary claims about her mother being nicknamed doors to manuel and how she was weighty katie and adore matt and you know what was the point of her basically so we have short memories i i’m not saying it’s a good thing but everyone that enters the royal family you don’t think sophie wessex had it bad yeah you know when she was duped by the ladies of course we did find out she’s having a girl that was lovely wasn’t it that was like actually to be fair there was a touching moment wasn’t it because Harry looked absolutely cock-a-hoop about the notion of having a girl after having a boy but extraordinary stuff guys.

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