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Hey guys and welcome to a new video based on the votes from My last post in the community so I’ll jump to my settings to avoid Made this video so long, I’m going to show you all of my settings but I’m just going to talk about The important things and those that are often asked about … and then We’ll watch some intense Gameplay to see my fingers in action ..

. let’s get started. Let’s start with the basic settings …

the first option I want to talk about It is automatic booty, I have a lot of questions about how I can loot quickly and that is The reason ..

I have disabled the automatic loot option .. here you can see the loot is manual It’s much faster and the timing difference can be a life saver for when you get up With loot you are often exposed to enemies, so you won’t try to loot as quickly as possible.

We move on to the most important setting which is sensitivity … but before To do anything I wouldn’t recommend copying other people’s allergies, I show it You guys because you asked for it ..mobile battle royale

Always try to make your own sensitivity. Regarding the rotation mode, I was asked why and why I set me up to speed up It is 300 .. The speed acceleration depends on how fast the scrolling is on the screen, so swipe means Higher rotation ..

As for the distance that depends on the length of your swipe .. your constant will remain Always the same no matter what …

then the acceleration value determines how fast the rotation is .. so it serves as an additional option to help you to better optimize your spin .. and again this Something you guys need to test and decide for yourself.

.I have tried all of them and honestly It didn’t make much difference but in the end I went with a speed acceleration of 300.

Another important setting here is the third person sensitivity .. I mean most sensitivity settings are important but that is The setting is more important .

.. it’s basically the sensitivity for random shooting, so If you use random shooting a lot like me, then you need to spend some time finding the perfect pose The sensitivity of the third person .. Make sure you are able to easily follow the movement of your enemy .

. if you are You think the sights are slow, increase the sensitivity and if it’s too fast, reduce it. Do this until you find your best shooting sensitivity. And finally, we have the HUD layout ..

. which is one more thing you guys need to build On your own … you can copy layouts from other players but try switching buttons to suit your own playing style Because you know we play different devices with different numbers of fingers.

So Honestly, if you are serious about improving your skills, you need to spend some time on Test and practice..you cannot be good overnight..do not expect immediate results.

.for Me, it took me about 6 months to get fit in mobile shooting Games …

But anyway, I have a lot of question regarding my HUD which is why the shooting buttons are on top of each other.

.and that’s because I am I set my shooting mode to hipfire..so it doesn’t matter which one I press my rifle will always shoot In shooter mode ..mobile battle royale

. and whenever I want to manually use the scope button … Another important thing that you need to change is the buttons darkening Your .

.. once you find the perfect HUD layout and once you use your mind So which when you start pressing the buttons without being seen then Reduce the thumb to 0 and make it transparent .. that will give you A better view of your surroundings, it will allow you to spot enemies much easier.

I think that was all about my settings .. now we will move on to the Gameplay in hand camera that It was a crazy start on the farm ..

I know I already mentioned this, but now the farm is on fire .

. as well You will notice I have done all my buttons are visible just for this video to appear You guys have what I press on and you have no idea how annoying and distracting it is for me but me I succeeded in it .. Another thing worth mentioning is how I play ..

That may sound stupid but the way The way you play affects your skill .. Find the best position for yourself .. Some players like Playing lying down .

. others in a chair .. i love playing on my bed like this ..

this is zara cod Try Hard Mode Activate Position..one last thing I’m sure you’ll love the ending, it It was risky but it was also worth the effort..

Sorry for talking too much, let’s start this Game.

I’m sure you guys noticed that I move my device a lot when I shoot the enemy and that was one of them The reasons why I struggle to record a hand camera … I usually move a lot more But I had to try less move to keep it in camera range..

I have no control On it, it’s a habit..It might seem like I’m using the gyroscope but I don’t do that..I have actually tried using it Before but it didn’t work well for me it’s mostly good for cell phones.mobile battle royale

Hope you took advantage of this, and I hope you enjoyed playing it And if you did, it would be greatly appreciated.

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