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banned the british broadcaster bbc news after the network reportedly reported on an alleged systematic rape of vegan muslim women inside the xinjiang detention camps that china has accused the bbc of not being truthful and fair in its reportage in a statement the chinese state media said in our court an investigation found that the bbc world news china related reports it seriously violated regulations including that news should be truthful and fair the bbc reports have harmed china’s national interest and also undermined national unity the china has refused to extend the bbc’s license the uk broadcaster was not included in the most television channel packages in china but is available in some hotels and residences the bbc has condemned china’s move saying that it is disappointing that the chinese authorities have decided to take this course of action the british government has also slammed china’s ban on the bbc the british foreign secretary dominic robert said that the move was simply unacceptable and will only hurt china’s global image the u.s state department has also condemned the ban on bbc we absolutely condemn the prc’s decision to ban bbc world news the prc maintains one of the most controlled most oppressive least free information spaces in the world it’s troubling that as the prc restricts outlets and platforms from operating freely in china beijing’s leaders use free and open media environments overseas to promote misinformation the ban comes after bbc published a pretty detailed report on the systematic mass rapes inside the xinjiang camps china for its part has denied the accusations remember over a million minority legal muslims are being kept inside detention camps across china’s xinjiang province and china’s decision to block the bbc also comes after the british media regulator ofcom revoked chinese state television cgtn’s license to broadcast in the country the china had criticized the ruling is political and had warned of a retaliation you

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