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all right so let’s start with the big story that we are tracking on vyond at desa where twitter has finally been forced to permanently suspend a few of the accounts that the indian government had requested that they need to be suspended now in the block twitter has said that it has now suspended more than 500 accounts it responded to the indian government’s order to remove over 1 000 accounts for what the indian government claims is spreading misinformation in connection with the farmer’s protests however twitter has said that it believes that the orders passed by the present indian government to take down these twitter handles are actually with the indian law and therefore for some accounts twitter has said that it has not agreed for an outright ban and instead it has restricted access within india and these accounts that are restricted within india for access will continue to remain available outside of india is what twitter has said in its blog that twitter was served with a separate blocking order from the ministry of electronics and information technology under section 69a of the information technology act these accounts were listed by the home ministry for trying to trend what it describes as content that in in many ways was trying to stock tensions in india twitter had acted by withholding them for a brief period of time but later because the outreach there was on twitter it decided to restore all of these accounts and it unblocked all of these accounts citing insufficient justification for their suspension twitter however has said that it has subsequently restored access to the content in a manner that twitter believes is consistent according to the indian law for which it received non-compliance orders the indian government has now asked twitter believe it or not to take down 1178 handles that the indian government claims have pakistani and palestinian users actually operating them now according to sources these accounts were used for sharing what the indian government has now described as provocative content and also for amplifying misinformation on the farmers protest that have gripped the nation over the course of the last two months now many of these accounts were also according to claims that are being put forth many of these accounts were automated bots that were sharing this content asking more and more farmers to come and join the protests now the stakes are high remember for twitter in india it has millions of users the platform is also ardently used by india’s incumbent prime minister narendra modi and also many within his cabinet and also other leaders to communicate with the public india happens to be the third biggest market of twitter and it raises to half this entire controversy goes on to give us more perspective in terms of how all of this is of course unfolding we are joined in by vyond siddhantsimal he’s joining us live from new delhi on this broadcast now good afternoon to you soon bring us up to speed with what is happening in this bit of a back and forth between india indian government and twitter well mohammed it’s a full-fledged war of sorts between twitter and the indian government the indian government has sent number of notices the first notice was sent on 31st of january when the indian government asked that 257 accounts should be blocked then again there was another notice as you just mentioned asking for blocking more than 1 000 accounts now twitter today morning in a very extensive blog said that they have acted on 500 accounts but said categorically that they are not going to act on certain accounts these are accounts which were pointed out by the indian government where either journalist account these were media accounts and other accounts and said that when it comes to freedom of expression that is something that is twitter policy so they are trying to balance between local laws and twitter policy but what is interesting is that the indian government has reacted just 10 minutes ago the indian government has reacted uh talking about a meeting that was expected to take place between twitter and the it secretary saying what is the need of this meeting now given the fact that twitter has already reacted but what is interesting is the way the indian government has reacted they have they have used a local app local india made app on the lines of twitter called govich which has been used by a number of ministers here in india and that is something that can impact twitter because increasingly now there is uh at least the focus that they they should be used of course of india may product as part of india’s policy but also moving away from twitter that can be can be devastating for twitter because india is its largest market and if more and more ministers go that will send a message across that more and more people or indians should move towards domestic made uh or manufactured uh applications or other things so largely it’s a battle of sorts between twitter and the indian government absolutely indeed it’s an interesting strategy that the indian government seems to be resorting to where it is trying to promote one of its own apps but the but at this point of time saddam the fact of the matter is the indian government had requested for more than 1100 twitter handles that the indian government claims were being operated by pakistanis and palestinians to be uh in many ways one would use the word suspended but twitter has responded by only suspending and restricting their access of only about 500 accounts what further action will the indian government now take here well indian government has been ascending notices uh i give an example of the 31st of january notice which called for suspending certain accounts which were trying to train genocide that of course can impact things on the ground here in india amidst the backdrop of the farmer’s protest twitter did comply to that but then again within few hours twitter unblocked them the indian government sent another notice they did not act on that the similar thing happened on 34 or on on fourth of february notice was sent half of them have been a block but no action has been taken so it is some kind of a battle of sorts we know the dialogue which has been talked about the twitter twitter team saying to the indian government that they would like to have a formal dialogue but things are not moving and this is frustrating the indian government and largely twitter being a global company which has jurisdiction across the world if you look at how things work for a multinational company it can use other ways to uh survive in a sense so where it uh it it is troublesome for twitter is there uh is their point in the sense that they have a huge market here in india and the indian government uh has this another policy the policy of uh bharat and that is the way forward for the indian government’s next step for twitter that if you are not going to comply with our our orders our notices then of course we have other ways ways which include forming another app and making the indians move towards that app that of course will be obviously uh devastating for twitter absolutely indeed we’ll have to leave there thank you very much indeed sudan seville for joining us and getting us all those updates in terms of this very interesting and this very crucial story that starts developing of this back and forth between the indian government and the social media giant twitter bjorn is now available in your country download the app now and get all the news on the move

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