Gravitas: Tesla hits regulatory roadblocks

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Ahead of its open in india, tesla has hit regulatory roadblocks in the us and China. tesla has had to recall gondolas in both sells. The complaints from the consumers range from’ exceptional acceleration’ to’ artillery attacks’&’ console issues’.

Does it seem like elon musk is in the news every day it’s because he is he’s either pumping billions into bitcoin or sending out cryptic tweets to shake the stock market it’s all part of elon musk’s brand that of a cool billionaire he’s used this brand to drive the growth of his auto company which is called tesla the world’s most valuable car company today the tesla brand is a frenzy but what about the actual cars they’ve been hit by a string of technical issues regulators in the u.s and china have pulled up company executives thousands of cars tens of thousands of cars have been recalled it’s a huge challenge for this company and it comes ahead of tesla‘s biggest debut its entry into the indian market every decade has an automotive favorite a car that beat out its competitors to capture public imagination the 1940s was the decade of the jeep rugged all-terrain vehicles a staple of the world war in the 1960s the mustang arrived all american muscle emblematic of a radical america in the 21st century few brands can claim such glory one of them is elon musk’s tesla a company that builds cars for the future tesla is buying up bitcoins it’s building cyber vehicles all very cool but remember the jeeps and mustangs were superior machines what mattered was performance so where does tesla rank on that indicator not so highly considering recent events in january u.s regulators asked tesla to recall 158 000 cars the reason faulty touch screens and for teslas that’s a deadly blow because the cars are completely operated using this big central console the autopilot rear view camera air conditioning navigation everything is on it a failing central console would render tesla‘s undrivable the recall wasn’t limited to america earlier this month tesla called back more than 36 000 vehicles in china the third recall since the last quarter of 2020.

tesla has admitted there’s a problem when the memory device on the central console is overwhelmed the touch screen acts up in some cases even going blank tesla‘s troubles in china don’t end here it was recently summoned by chinese regulators and transport authorities customers were complaining about acceleration irregularities battery fires and software upgrade failures all serious issues tesla has promised to investigate the problems and comply with chinese regulatory norms these red flags coincide with a key moment in tesla‘s growth story its debut in india before the pandemic hit indians were buying more than four million cars every year making it one of the biggest auto markets in the world and unlike in the west it has massive untapped potential the millions strong middle class eager to buy their first car and with diesel being phased out battery powered cars will be much sought after enter tesla it’s already registered in bengaluru and the flagship model 3 is expected to roll out in june but if the technical issues persist the indian consumers may not be as forgiving as their western counterparts the electric car industry is still finding its feet in india a massive recall similar to china and the u.s may destroy consumer confidence tesla‘s india debut is a make or break moment for the company it is here that global brands falter or catapult to immediate success bureau report we on world is one veon is now available in your country download the app now and get all the news on the move

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