Pro-Navalny protest: Russian protesters vow to continue their fight against govt

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Investors are vowed to continue their fight even after they were arrested and launched impact jails demonstrators who have been demanding the release of kremlin critic alexei navalny said that the government cannot scare them russian authorities detained over 11 000 protesters however jails run out of space many detained protesters spent two days in a police bus before being shifted to a prison where they were denied food and access to even a toilet russia finally began releasing protesters as it could not find um yes protests have been going on for nearly a month now this afternoon was arrested in moscow upon his return from germany where he underwent treatment for novichok poisoning for more details let’s quickly go across to our guest mr fred ware who’s a russian affairs expert and is joining me live from moscow at this hour thank you so much fred for joining our newscast now despite pressure and warnings by the kremlin navalny’s allies are vowed to continue the protests this weekend and into spring more than 11 000 were detained but the support for navalny seems to be growing how do you assess that well it it uh doesn’t seem that the protests have taken off uh far fewer people showed up in the second week than the first week and i think the plan now is to put things off until the spring pretty much uh when the weather is warmer the politics will heat up uh and the coming zuma elections the parliamentary elections will be on the horizon and uh navalny’s smart voting campaign will kick in uh the from from all initial uh observations uh whatever the challenge navalny is posing and it is a huge one for the kremlin it didn’t it didn’t like take fire immediately so um we’ll see uh there are lots and lots of reasons for discontent in russia but navalny hasn’t triggered like a massive or or some critically tipping point uh yet right fred niwali’s allies have asked eu to sunshine russia how do you see the relations between russia and the west going forward at a time when russia accused western diplomats in russia to have supported the protests well um they have been severely strained by all this i mean the poisoning of alexander valani created a real rift between putin and merkel germany and russia because germany took it quite seriously and russia didn’t beyond that now we have three european union diplomats who’ve been expelled from russia for attending demonstrations on the second week and that’s that’s a very serious thing i mean diplomats are supposed to observe they’re supposed to go and see things of course they have to take precautions to separate themselves not to show their sympathies or appear to be participants but normally expelling a diplomat from a country it’s for behavior not uh not becoming of his office but it uh it’s usually something like espionage uh not you know being in the place where a demonstration is happening so this is another factor that has really caused uh um strains in the russian relationship with the european union right thank you so much fred for bringing in your inputs and joining our news custody

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