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security forces in myanmar have again used water cannon to disperse crowds after people defied a ban and demonstrated for a fourth day against a military coup some reports also suggest police have been firing gunshots into the air the junta is now has now imposed a curfew on yangon and mandalay pro-democracy activists say they will continue to fight a ban on gatherings hasn’t deterred them here in the capital napier door police fired water cannon at protesters rallying for their freedom they’re demanding a return to democracy and the release of elected leader ong qi from napierdore to mandalay to yangon a week of military rule in myanmar has triggered a groundswell of demonstrations right across the nation everywhere the same demand i want and president mint to be released quickly we want all the people from the winning party the nld to be released that’s what we all want [Music] in his first tv address to the nation the country’s new military leader sought to justify the coup repeating allegations of fraud in last year’s election we’re investigating the responsible authorities regarding voter he fraud fresh elections but gave no timeline for when they might be held the comments have done nothing to quell the anger and defiance of these protesters who say it’s too little too late they want the army out and say compromise is no longer an option well from yangon i am now joined by i’m in tan she’s a journalist from myanmar with her team of colleagues from the reuters news agency she won the 2019 pulitzer prize for international reporting so what is the situation like in yangon right now hi uh just to be clear i’m no longer with reuters uh i’m sort of just freelancing um but the the situation is much more defiant than it was yesterday i think if you were looking at the coverage from the protest yesterday you saw a lot more families a lot more people um really trying to express themselves um i think everyone kind of saw a lot of the uh the really fun sort of protest science but today the scenes are are much more um prepared for violence i saw a lot of people wearing hard hats today uh from the sort of things that you see at construction sites as well as a lot more people wearing sneakers which um i think if you’re not from here you might not quite understand that myanmar is a country where most people are wearing sandals uh even in colder areas where they might be wearing a scarf and gloves but they will still be in sandals and so those it’s a significant change well support seems to be growing there are reports of some firefighters even a policeman joining the protests yes uh there there were marches uh of firefighters who’ve been joining um so the civil disobedience movement is definitely growing you know it started out with largely teachers and medical workers but the myanmar states and the the amount of people who are civil servants in myanmar constitutes a very large amount of the population and the protesters know this and because of this a lot of the chants that we’ve been seeing the last few days have been really focused at the police to say you’re the people’s police join us you have covered the developments in myanmar for years do you feel encouraged when you see so many people out there on the streets to fight for that taste of democracy that they have been able to enjoy for a couple of years now yes i think it’s really encouraging to see that people are now taking to the streets and do and doing so in such a focused um and specific way with specific demands and i think during the intro earlier as well it’s not just that people are asking for the the freedom of outsourcing and other political prisoners uh and the respecting of the election results but they’re also very vocally and publicly demanding for uh the constitution that the army wrote in 2008 to be um to create a new constitution essentially and a lot of protests for that had really died down after the assassination of the nld leader uh three years ago um because he was one of the main people pushing for it in the report we saw one of the generals promising elections soon can can he be trusted um i will say that when you if you watch any of the facebook uh live videos because they’re not allowed to stream uh since facebook has banned uh military uh outlets from their platform you will see that almost everyone is reacting with the the haha symbol uh and most of the comments are accusing him of being a liar so i think you get a good sense of the people sentiment from there it doesn’t sound like this situation uh will be can be solved with peaceful negotiations um well i’m not sure about that i do know that the the leaders on the ground in terms of the civil disobedience movement their goals are largely to [ __ ] or to completely stop the wmr state from being able to function and if people are able to band together and essentially rob the new regime of any legitimacy as well as any cooperation in terms of you know enacting their rule then i think it is something that can be possible without violence i’m in town pulitzer prize-winning journalist in yangon myanmar .

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