World Business Watch: EU economy to rally in second-quarter as vaccine roll-out accelerates |

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acceleration in kobe 19 vaccine rollout allows governments to gradually lift locked down restrictions europe’s economy is likely to rally in second quarter european commission’s vice president for economy has said eurozone economy contracted seven percent quarter and quarter in the last three months of 2020 and economists expect it will shrink again in first quarter of this year the international monetary fund imf last month forecast the us and japanese economies would return to pre-pandemic levels by end of this year but that economy of 19 countries sharing euro would not catch up until next year the thorough eu checks were needed partly to overcome skepticism of often strong anti-vaccine movements in some u.s nations but the delay meant economy crippling lockdowns one in place for longer european recovery will also get a boost from the decent implementation of eu scheme to jointly borrow and spend 900 billion dollars to make blocks economy more green and ready for digital age european parliament is set to approve today the key part of that plan that 700 billion dollars will be distributed under which among eu governments in loans and grants to modernize the economy and make them more resilient to future shocks you

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