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myanmar state tv has warned that quote action will be taken against any protesters who break the law the announcement coming as tens of thousands of people across the southeast asian nation have joined a third day of demonstrations after a military coup police used water cannon in the capitol to disperse protesters who are demanding the release of their leaders including aung tsuchi one week on from the arrest of their elected leader myanmar has grown bolder protesters in the capital napierdor faced police water cannons on monday blocking their path their only weapons a three-finger salute which has come to represent the pro-democracy movement in addition to the street protests a nationwide strike began on monday a campaign of civil disobedience has all the while been growing louder launched by medical personnel we all are nurses from a government hospital and ngo our goal is to help the civil disobedience movement succeed and ensure the military system fails we health workers are leading this campaign to urge all the government staff to join the cdm our message to the public is that we aim to completely abolish this military regime and we have to fight for our own destiny protests have now spread across the country after the army chief seized power on february 1st the military detained leader aung san tsuchi and dozens of her party members accusing them of election fraud demonstrators are demanding her release and the restoration of her government the rallies have so far been peaceful unlike bloody crackdowns during widespread protests in previous decades but pressure is building the protests are growing bolder and demonstrators continue to be met with a greater show of force from authorities and for more let’s bring in yoon miyatwa who is an activist joining us from mandalay in myanmar welcome to the program and thank you so much for joining us what have you been seeing transpire there yes um they cut off all the um order for internet lines and even so they cut off our um they paid about social media facebook and twitter and and uh um they want us not to spread the news that we are protesting against them and even in the news right now they announced in the national news that we people accept the military they released their release in all the fox news on the news channel and that is why we are now in in every part of the country in our country right now that is why we are peacefully protesting and doing um civilized opinions campaign all over the world all over our country okay so peaceful protest but you know in the meantime we’ve heard this warning from the military um they have promised quote action against any protesters who break the law um a clear warning to demonstrators there does that make you nervous um actually i might say yes because right now we um we all know what they are doing and they have a group of people that they hire and even they they have some prisoners from the prison and that group of people um they were trying to trick us um by um choosing violence and you can see in that group of people there are some people from their side and they use that people to against to do against the law and that what happened is that what really happened in that part of the country that um they had a group of people and they started saying bad things to the police and they do um waterfall talk to the police and the police started shooting to the innocent people out there too and that is why that’s really scared to me and because i highly say that they are not the citizens that are peacefully protesting they’re just a group of people that they hire to do all these bad things to do to make us scared okay so so you believe that the military is behind that um you know we’re we’re seeing masses we’ve seen images there masses of people taking to the streets even despite you know potentially facing consequences we’ve heard the threats from the military what do people in myanmar want for their future um we want our elected government because we voted and we we voted because we trust them and um and they right now they um we really want them to release her and our president and also our elected of the government leaders too right you know they even from their own government um with all the people that we didn’t voted for and that is why we are asking for our rights back and we want our democracy back and we want them to respect our vote and give us back our country future back you and maya twa joining us from myanmar as we mentioned you’re one of the activists who’s bravely taking to the streets uh to protest against this coup by the military in your country and we thank you so much for joining us to share that perspective and thank you so much for letting me in this program and um spreading our news to other parts of the country it does a lot to us thank you so much for this story i’m now joined by lorna a filmmaker and activist in the economic economic capital yangon he’s obscuring his face uh for safety uh reasons how are security forcing their handling uh the protests is there a palpable escalation um yes at this point um everything is a bit uh unpredictable because there are more people than uh the days before they at least double or triple the amount right now so but uh we heard the news from nebula as well but in yangon huli has not used any violence so far they are basically moving around congested areas rather than heavily stationed somewhere else and then we have seen some people trying to cooperate with police um so all in all uh here it’s um so far this peacefully people just walking on the streets including nurses medical workers lawyers even the staff from um uh ministries uh trying to support the civil disobedience movement um internet and social media access have been disrupted uh yesterday um how are people getting their information how are they contacting each other to organize this protest right right now um we have a brief uh we’re hoping we’ll have the internet for longer but we are not sure at this point because it’s been on and off um so uh for example if we don’t have the internet we have to rely solely on like phone calls and sms then we don’t have any uh phone network at all which happened on the first day of the coup um then uh what happens is uh we have to use some offline apps like uh bluetooth messaging and so all these things so uh in the uh so our concern right now is that there are a lot of support that we need to provide for civil disobedience movement but right now we’re hoping the information flows stay the same because there are a lot of fake news and rumors running around so we hope to reduce uh that and then get the correct information across other people tell me how do protesters feel about anson tsuchi does she still enjoy a widespread support um well uh in a sense yes but for example you might see there are a lot of um uh yesterday there were a lot of people wearing red and supporting nld but for today for example there are a lot of uh especially younger people wearing black and blue shirts or just to uh show that you know uh it’s not just about one party and this is about uh uh everyone in the for the whole population including minorities and different religions people of different age this concerns uh everyone in the uh country and that they want to show that this is uh civilians against uh authoritarian uh military regime our government thank you very much lorna an activist and filmmaker in myanmar.

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