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political crisis has gripped haiti as the country’s president alleges coup attempt amid anti-government protests rocking the country in a televised address president said that the coup plotters wanted to kill him he added that he is not a dictator and people should only use democratic means to come to power the government has arrested over 20 people including a supreme court judge for their alleged role in the coup attempt tensions flared in the troubled caribbean nation after leading opposition leaders announced a plan to replace moise with the new head of state accusing the president of being authoritarian and presiding over economic chaos in the poor country they called on people to pick a new president from one of the sitting supreme court judges instead of waiting for general elections scheduled for september violent anti-government protests took place in the capital as demonstrators demanded the president‘s resignation three years of occupation by the islamic state group in mosul left the city deserted residents of mosul are now returning after years of war and devastation a team of volunteers are helping rebuild the city as a report iraq’s mosul witnessed massive devastation when the iraqi forces fought with the so-called islamic state of iraq and levant the isis occupied the city from 2014 to 2017.

The conflict left the city deserted with tons of rubble now the residents have come back and are trying to rebuild the city in the old city area of west mosul a warrior team is helping residents rebuild 70 shops the make it more beautiful project aims to revitalize the area which was once the commercial heart of the city before the arrival of the so-called islamic state the volunteer team is made up of 100 professionals including engineers medics university students and workers the team was created in 2017 during mosul’s liberation aiming to provide help and assistance to the city but the team is working on the shops on an agreement that their owners will come back to work in them foreign as the residents come back to mosul several volunteer teams are now helping them rebuild the make it more beautiful team is one of them which has already rebuilt 140 shops and 55 houses in the old city area of west mosul bureau report we on world is one veon is now available in your country download the app now and get all the news on the move

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