India: Glacier bursts in Uttarakhand triggers massive flood Over 150 labours missing |

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all right so let’s start with the big story that we are tracking on the honor this is where a massive flash flood has been reported in india‘s uttarakhand state where the water levels in the dhali ganga river suddenly rose now the water level rose following an avalanche near a power project and according to the local disaster response team at least about 150 labourers who are working at the power project are said to be missing following the massive flood four teams of national disaster response force are also being sent to the affected areas the floods have destroyed the banks bankside apartments and buildings in uttarakhand’s chimoli district the local authorities have advised people living in the banks of the river to move to a safer place well the news that we got about two hours ago that there has been a glacial burst and it has impacted the rishiganga river and the resultant flooding has also taken out probably one uh bridge of the which was being constructed by the bro along with sidings and also in the upper reaches slightly upper reaches the akash the the rishiganga hydel project also has been damaged so obviously the the entire mass is moving down downstream and the areas of chamoli and joshimat and other downward downstream reaches will be affected so the teams of sdrf are incidentally already deployed in joshimat and the two teams of itbp we are in touch with the commandant itbp at yoshimurt they have also deployed more personnel also will be deployed and i believe there is a army establishment also who are also already active the india‘s prime minister narendra modi also put out a tweet where he said that he’s constantly monitoring the situation and is in touch with the authorities in uttarakhand to provide a relief and rescue to people as soon as possible bjorn is now available in your country download the app now and get all the news on the move

Read More: India: Glacier bursts in Uttarakhand triggers massive flood | Over 150 labours missing |

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