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meanwhile an indonesian village has been inundated by blood red water after flooding hit a local buttock factory crimson dye was released onto the streets of djangot which is a village in the baltic manufacturing city of pekka longan there has been a social media frenzy owing to the blood-like red dye colored streets rivers in the pekka longhound area have previously changed color due to the dyes used in making bartik designs just last month bright green waters led to the flooding at another village the country is frequently hit by floods at least 43 people were killed following a storm that hit the capital jakarta earlier this year russia focused to india more than 170 labourers are missing after a massive flash flood wreaked havoc in india’s uttarakhand state the floods were caused by a glacier that burst which damaged a hydropower project the situation remains grim as heavy excavators are being brought to remove the debris and slush to open the tunnel four teams of the paramilitary forces and itbp teams continue to be on the spot the local authorities have recovered at least eight bodies from the project site while 16 people who had been trapped have been rescued from the area however the increased water level of the river is hampering further rescue efforts as of now and according to the local disaster response team more than 150 labourers were working at the power project the river’s water level rose instantly following an avalanche near the power project the massive burst of water tore through the dhalinganga river valley destroying everything in its path the glacial burst triggered an avalanche and a deluge in the alaknanda river system that washed away the hydroelectric stations the chief minister of uttarakhand state has announced four lacks of financial assistance to each kin of the deceased indian prime minister narendra modi has also approved an ex-graduate of rupees 2 lakh each for the next of kin of those who have lost their lives due to the tragic avalanche an additional 50 000 rupees would be given to those seriously injured the prime minister also assured that he is constantly monitoring the situation the local authorities have advised people living on the banks of the river to move to a safe place a red alert has also been issued in the area here is an eyewitness account who saw the catastrophe unfold right before his eyes have been pouring in from across the world the u.s state department said that it hopes for a speedy and full recovery of all those injured british prime minister boris johnson has stated that he is ready to offer any support to india if needed the prime minister of australia scott morrison tweeted in support of india and said that it stands with one of its closest friends in this time of difficulty france’s president emmanuel macron also expressed his solidarity with india and tweeted that the country’s thoughts and prayers were with the families of those missing in the floods turkey too expressed its solidarity tweeting that it was ready to lend any help needed by the indian government in search and rescue operations we on world is one is now available in your country download the app now and get all the news updates on the move

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