Crisis in Syria: Refugees in Idlib camps face war, weather and Covid |

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a bar tent frame standing among charred spoils a remember of the deplorable nighttime four days ago when abdul fattah al-darghim lost his ten-year-old daughter in the harsh coldnes his ten neighbours were trying to light a homemade furnace when the part tent went up in flames the fire spread very quickly there were vast flares and a motorcycle and some fuel exploded all the tents caught fire my partner and children were caught inside simply five represented it out my sister yasmine tried to save our baby and she propagandized her out she informed her run i’ll come out right after you but yasmine got caught inside and she died their youngest daughter dala also abode severe burns an succour formation delivered the one-year-old to turkey for medical treatment physicians have sent senses and videos but the family is not allowed to visit her.

The border with goose is closed to syrian refugees the mother fatima can just stand it i hope so much that she’ll come back healthful but “ive ever seen” the fuel i feel the worst like these happen regularly in the makeshift cliques in northern idlib tens of thousands of people are living here in sordid milieu they lack even basic necessaries latrines food heating gasoline and medical care constant heavy rain has now represented the situation worth people here were cut off from all equips for days many tents were destroyed senility constitutions have been doing their best but are totally overtook the situation is stimulated even worse by the rampant coronavirus the infection frequency in italy state have increased dramatically we’ve done what we can and together with other aid organizations and the grey helmets we’ve tried to raise awareness about the coronavirus we’ve handed out masks and disinfectant but given the desperate situation it’s not enough clas are simply glad that the aid organization has given them a new tent some apparel and even a new furnace but they just use it despite the system they have no money for oil and then there scared of using it anyway my children and i have a mental problem in the tent we are afraid to illuminate the furnace when my husband isn’t here our children panic and start screaming when they see fire it’s very very hard for us when they fled the fighting and air attack abdel fattah thought they would only be here for a few epoches but now it’s been 14 months and they are too afraid to go back home to southern eclip because the fighting furies on well for more now i’m joined by bahia srikam she’s with the syria response department of the norwegian refugee congres and she affiliates us from beirut in lebanon thanks for being with us how would you assess the situation for refugees in syria right now the situation for refugees in syria is terrible as the reportage territory quite clearly in syria in general “we ii” this year we are facing 9.

9. three million people are facing bothers or editions having food on their dish every dinner so it be interpreted to mean that and more than 80 of the population is living below poverty rates in addition to that you include the heavy rains you included the pandemic the corvid 19 pandemic and you contributed active conflict in some areas it it induces developments in the situation for the relations very very difficult and highly catastrophic one of the the refugees they have been talking to lately used to tell me that the most difficult situation for him is that him and his family don’t have not even have a toilet and he has been in a camp for the past five years so five years old without a bathroom i think it’s a a huge bridge to their dignity and it’s something that shouldn’t be shouldn’t exist are aid organizations controlling to get resources to these tents because the conditions as you describe are very difficult so we’re succeeding to get aid to these cliques through various modalities one of them and the most important one is the correct what we call the cross-border resolution that is voted by the u.n security council every every year and we have to call for this resolution to be revived again in july otherwise “were not going” have access to these populations anymore and the current access is already very small and the funding we have is important but the needs are so gigantic because we are talking about more than half the population who is who needs humanitarian humanitarian assistance today so we need to make sure that success is permanent well in addition to basic humanitarian assistance which the need is alarming as you say what are what about the pandemic because the coronavirus pandemic is also affecting that field what are the chances opportunities that the displaced people in syria are available to a coronavirus inoculation this year so this is also something that has been and is being discussed and negotiated and we are trying to get the coronavirus vaccine inside syria and to provide it for all the populations but to ensure this access we need this cross-border resolution to be refreshed like i was saying in july because it’s our only method to to be to be able to access those populations and we also need everyone to step in with more funding to make sure that we we can provide the vaccine to all the population in northwest syria but also in the rest of the country the other issue is while the inoculation is coming we need to make sure that we keep the testing ongoing that we we continue providing the humanitarian workers with the with all the the cleanlines packages they need to to be able to do the performance of their duties safely and to protect entire populations right mr srikem expressed appreciation for very much for crowding us in there that was with the syria response department of the norwegian refugee congres now let’s look at some other developments in the coronavirus pandemic uh biontech pfizer have withdrawn a bid for emergency authorization for their vaccine in india pfizer says it will resubmit the attempt with additional information required by the indian regulator the u.s has recorded over 40 000 virus deaths in two weeks amid concerns that cases could spike again after musters for sunday’s super bowl mexico has run out of vaccine quantities and no brand-new shipments are expected until the midriff of this month with the hospital countries hospitals at over 80 capacity there denmark says it will launch a first version of a coronavirus vaccination passport by the end of february

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