Heavy snow and ice disrupt traffic and public transport across Germany | DW News

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germany has been hit by heavy snow and ice with disruption to public transport likely to continue into monday the northwestern state of lower saxony had already seen heavy snowfall but still further freeways haven’t been severely affected as street cleansing crews are organizing is to maintain but some learn services have been cancelled the german condition assistance says some parts of the country could see anything from 15 to 40 centimeters of snow well correspondent jared reed is braving that weather out in hanover forest in central germany jared searching pretty cold out there the snow‘s just started coming down here in berlin how’s it search where you are well rebecca it’s very cold here there’s a lot of snow that’s fallen and there’s still a lot more snow to come it’s a fiction of actually extreme condition across germany this weekend because here in the north we’re ascertaining very cold temperatures being bring down by an arctic a breast being sent down from the arctic while in southern germany a warm a low-grade warm front is fetching a wetter warmer forecast so we have a situation where there is an extreme gap in temperatures between northern and southern germany professionals say this is quite exceptional and kind of where i am is slap slam in the middle where these two breasts are filling and so we have very high levels of snow snow storms terribly slippery arteries and extreme brave alarms for much of central and northern germany this weekend how much dislocation is the storm stimulating so far across the country well emergency services have already been very busy we’ve had reports of over 200 auto collisions on highways in germany‘s most popular territory which is north rhine-westphalia in germany‘s west the learn depot behind me here in hanover has nullified regional and long distance sets and other metropolitans have had to do this as well they’ve had to cancel buses what’s what authorities have told motorists here in lower saxony is to prepare for black ice on the road so roads will be very slippery they’re telling parties to stay at home if they can and yeah basically emergency services have their work cut out for them this weekend more staying at home then um so what are the projections how long are the interruptions likely to last-place shaft whether sovereignties say that this bad bout of weather will continue into monday but that it should stop then but they are warning people that it is going to remain very very cold across much of northern germany for the rest of the week oh dw’s jared reed stick out there in the coldnes woodland i’m glad to be talking to you from the warm studio jared remain warm you

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