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and the mayor of tampa bay jane castro is joining us now for more on this on the serious issue of holding an event like this in a time of pandemic mr ms mayor thanks very much for being with us uh so tampa’s clearly a brilliant reporter i figured you think that uh tavis got a home field advantage for the first time in super bowl history there’s tremendous enthusiasm i’m sure traditionally as as will was just reporting a giant party but are you concerned how concerned are you that all this might put public health in your community at risk yes we we’ve been very concerned throughout the pandemic and we have had an indoor mass order um you know relatively early on in the pandemic and i put an executive order out last week that requires the wearing of outdoor uh mask right the area that you that the reporter was talking about is one of those areas where we know that large groups of fans are going to congregate without the ability to six foot distance separate from each other so we have areas that uh we will be providing masks we have 150 000 uh mask donation and we have volunteers that are passing those out and we also have code enforcement and law enforcement from hillsborough county and the tampa police department that will be reminding individuals to wear their masks in those locations we want everyone to have a great time but we want them to do it safely and mayor castro you know you got a lot of people coming in from out of town for this you’ve said that your goal is for fans to arrive healthy and leave healthy so are there steps that you’re taking specifically to handle the visitors that are coming from outside of your area yes we are we’re communicating very widely those who are coming through the world’s greatest airport tampa international will hear an advisory from me as soon as they arrive telling them about the masked mandate masks will be available at the airport and again communicating we’re trying in our bars and restaurants to get that cooperation that they will have djs and announcements every half hour the individuals need to be wearing their masks you cannot be served food or alcohol unless you’re sitting down and then again those outdoor mask mandates not only for the nfl areas sanctioned events which they’re literally only a couple a normal super bowl we would have over 200 and then we have outdoor mandated mass zones as well mayor kester just a few weeks ago when alabama won the college football national championship we’re going to take a look here we saw these massive crowds in the streets you know not a lot of masks out there in fact hardly any so let’s say for example tampa bay does win the super bowl uh you know there’s only so much a mayor can do isn’t there how do you think the people of your city are going to celebrate do you think they’re going to be mindful of safety in in this pandemic yeah you bring up a great point you know we we can mandate we can provide mass but there’s a level of personal responsibility and that’s what i want everyone to understand is that this this pandemic is not over but it can also cope at 19 can be a death sentence we’ve seen that you know hundreds of thousands of times and so we have that level of personal responsibility uh that you know our fans and the fans that are visiting need to understand as well and mayor really important question here tom brady won six super bowls with the patriots and in a letter welcoming him you joke that if he wins one with tampa you’d consider renaming it tampa brady does that author still stand right or uh uh tompa we’ve he’s got a number of different names i told him we have to bring in that lombardi trophy before we have that discussion but uh we’d be glad to we have no doubt whatsoever that we will be not only the first team to play the super bowl in our own backyard but to voice that lombardi trophy in our own backyard all right tampa bay brady mayor jane caster it’s always great to have you thank you and good luck thank you

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