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turned out to a onetime police officer now under arrest in ohio facing a carnage freight arbiters “re saying he” fatally shot andre hill who was nursing a cell phone the onetime polouse was charged for failing to start his mas camera until after the shooting the family is now responding tonight and here’s abc’s alex perez tonight the heartbroken family of andre mound praising the stately jury’s decision to charge adam coye the onetime columbus ohio police officer who shot him with assassination we’re happy i convey it performed my daylight yesterday and i don’t want him to have died in vain and the majestic jury now observed the truth andre hill should not be dead it was three days before christmas hill affectionately known as large-hearted father was walking out of a garage of a home he was visiting when he encountered officers who were responding next door to a non-emergency call for a suspicious vehicle evasive who opened fire within seconds of arriving on the stage told researchers he envisioned hill had a gun the officers did not activate their body cams until after the shooting the camera’s roll back feature captivated mound with a cell phone in his hand but no weapon powers say hill was unarmed let’s tough him up he’s still moving the officers handcuffed slope as he bled but several minutes surpassed before he got medical assistance coy’s lawyer says he shot because he felt he was in imminent danger even though he was mistaken that he didn’t have a gun that mistake was an honest belief and one that was reasonable based on the totality of developments in the situation and david coy’s advocate says he intends to plead not guilty he’s due in courtroom tomorrow david alex prez with us tonight expressed appreciation for alex

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