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finally tonight here america strong the grad and the 70 -year wait vince goldaski from clyde ohio was just 17 year olds when he enlisted in the air force he was a major in high school a few months shy of graduating he got his ged and went off to fight in the korean crusade for years he would ever tell their own children his grandchildren his great-grandchildren that he had always wished that he’d received his high school diploma his family got an idea they called the school board explain the ged the korean fighting the sacrifice and the school board said they would be honored to issue that certificate vince with no notion sitting in his chair you got to be kidding me vince ultimately coming that diploma okay that’s unbelievable that’s unbelievable congratulations he’s home right there and right here tonight the high school graduate with his diploma hey david it was a very emotional time for me for an 88 year old man to accomplish his high school diploma it’s got to be a miracle if i can do it anybody can do it vince proudly holding that diploma after a 70 -year wait hi david his granddaughter krista it’s something he’s has spoken about his entire life hi david and his great-granddaughter madison it was a great privilege to actually be able to see my great-grandpa graduate it was pretty awesome we salute you vince your family loves you and so do we

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