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blizzard warning is in effect as two new gales move across the country this is the northeast probes out from that big nor’easter prime meteorologist ginger zee is tracking everything there is for us ginger what can we expect should we just not even bother shoveling at this place yeah you know what the first one here is gonna actually be sprinkled so that’ll take care of some of the snow but we have so much i’m telling you new jersey mount arlington had a report of 35.1 inches if that verifies that is the biggest in-state history so it’s not just historic but all-time historic i’m knee-deep now so i am thinking yeah i don’t want it that next whirlwind which looks like sunday and it’s looking less and less superb which is great news likewise make you to allentown pennsylvania where the government has 27.3 inches the second largest biggest snowstorm on record the lehigh hollow picking it up they’re you know they’ve got a spade team going there and then the snow always gets all the headlines but don’t forget we had some major coastal inundating that’s from scituate you had wind surges over 70 miles per hour taking over a lot of those residences they’re kind of used to that but this was a strong nor’easter on numerous culminates this is the next commotion in idaho that was a tractor-trailer hitting a state trooper as they were sitting there on the road because of the icy superhighways and that’s that next one that’s sliding across and yes has people in the snowstorm threats so that new cyclone that has moved uh and another one because it’s such an active motif with those winter alerts all the way from washington and oregon through california it’s iowa though that has the snowstorm alerts it’s for a lot of the snow that’s already on the grind diane so it’s going to be blowing around with merely a duet additional inches and then see how it’s green on the bottom there from new jersey through connecticut that would be rain friday but more blizzard behind that comes through and so even if chicago starts his sprinkle you move to snow then you’ve got another little structure one thing i can promise everyone likely the coldest breeze of the season we say that we remain pushing it and retain propagandizing it some plazas like chicago accompany their coldest aura in two years because they will be sub-zero real temps by sunday morning and the fields lakes could be somewhere around 35 to 40 below so this is extreme and this is when we cross over into oh it’s just winter no no that’s dangerous when you’re disclosed for a long time diane and ginger “when youve got” blizzard plus sprinkle and then cold breeze that sounds like icy superhighways to me that’s that’s how physics manipulates that’s that’s exactly how it’s gonna lead go down all right everybody better be careful out there chief meteorologist ginger zee thank you ginger.

credit by: ABC news on youtube

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