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Good morning everyone i’m diane macedo we are currently watching a tribute to officer brian sicknick there at the capitol this is a congressional honour underway for now right now for capitol police officer siknik who died from his injuries that he sustained during the siege on january 6th at the capitol last-place nighttime we realise the president and first lady pay their respects to officer sicknick same for the majority leader and now we’re attend some congressional members there coming to pay their respects ceremonies will continue for officer siknik throughout the day meanwhile the white house is propagandizing to get inoculations to pharmacies as new variances of the coronavirus take hold starting next week the biden disposal will send one million vaccine doses to 6 500 pharmacies so far more than 52 million dosages have been distributed and more than 26 million people have received at least their first quantity dr anthony facci told gma this morning the next six weeks are critical whenever you have the evolution of mutants you always have to keep an eye on them because they can get to the point where it may elude the mechanisms that you’re trying to suppress it including vaccines the cdc is now urging super bowl followers to avoid big roundups and instead to watch at home with your own household and director biden is meeting with congressional democrats today to talk kovit 19 relief beginnings tell abc bulletin the president is open to more targeted stimulus checks but he won’t move below fourteen hundred dollars this comes after a meeting with senate republicans earlier in the week and amazon benefactor and ceo jeff bezos has announced he is stepping down bezos will take over a new character as manager chair of the company sport he founded amazon in 1994 taking it from an online bookstore to a world-wide giant importance more than a trillion dollars in a letter to employees bezos writes as much as i still tap dance into the office i’m aroused about this change and a brand-new study from the international assembly of busines finds that even if americans get vaccinated every american gets inoculated the u.s could still encounter a slow economic recovery the study suggests that since we live in a global economy the u.s can’t amply recover until vaccines are widely available to the rest of the world foreign correspondent maggie rooley has the details a brand-new study warns that no country’s economy will truly recover from this pandemic until everyone around the world has access to the vaccine we’re not going to get out of this until everyone gets out of it the second largest if you want to have an effective fiscal stimulus make certain that you invest in a global rationing world-wide accessibility of the vaccine the international enclosure of commerce says their study proves that a slow and ineffective world inoculation rollout could cost the government of the united states more than a trillion dollars why does vaccinating a country on the other side of the world affect someone like you said on main street in america how are they connected well partly due to the nat the the nature of the us economy and the us is one of the most if not the most interconnected economy in the world he generates us this lesson tires in thailand so the actual production of the tyres which are required to keep the auto industry going in the us are being lessened because thailand thailand can’t access the vaccines and the therapeutics needed to deal with covert 19.

To keep this global economy churning denton says it will take investment from richer societies like the u.s into kovacs the world-wide organization attempting to manage a worldwide inoculation rollout it’s something the new biden disposal has committed to joining it’s actually not an number of kindness in doing so it’s an act of mutual interest and frankly it’s actually an accomplishment of effective economic policy denton says it’ll give simply a duo percentage points of an increase to the current stimulus proposal to fund the world rollout and that that digit will gain a 160 epoches return on investment it’s not just the icc nearly every world-wide administration is warning against vaccine nationalism the who is urging countries to prioritize the most vulnerable around the world firstly and their own countries second the world is on the brink of a cataclysmic moral omission and the price of this failing will be paid with live and livelihoods in the world’s poorest countries this new study shows that the livelihoods of those working in the world’s poorest countries are intrinsically associated the livelihoods of people living in america i’m really curious what the reaction’s been like because i can see a lot of parties when they’re faced with a crisis turn inward and want to protect their country and you’re trying to convince them actually that the best way to protect their country is by turning outward and trying to boost the global economy is that been a hard sell of course there’s moral justifications but at the end a politician a president needs to be able to explain to their citizens why they are giving this coin not instantly into their pockets of it to someone else’s pockets we’re giving it to someone else to help them so that they can help you it’s actually an routine not of magnanimity but of actual of mutual interest and maggie rooley connects me live now for more maggie it’s such an interesting point you know you’re talking about a capability 1.3 trillion dollar stumbled to the u.s economy that’s a startling figure how would this impact the rest of the world well dad that’s what’s so interesting it’s a startling amount for the u.s but it’s going to be a global knock you know the icc says it’s hard to even overestimate how much of a negative economic jolt this would be for the world the gdp they say globally would get hit more than a nine trillion dollars nine trillion dollars that figure is so large it’s hard to fathom diane what’s interesting it’s that half of that is going to be absorbed by high-income countries like the us you know john denton at the icc he goes on to sort of remind people this study is coming from the icc the international enclosure of busines they are a world-renowned organization they are respected in the field of fiscals he says you know beings listen to our studies so even though this one is feeling it’s about people’s health it’s about the inoculation it also impacts the economy and the world should really listen to this study as well yeah and scientists are also worried about a sluggish global rollout what’s their biggest concern there you know this isn’t just going to hit the economy it’s also going to affected the health of the world you know one of the major concerns for scientists is that even if a country like the u.s is able to vaccinate their entire population if another country you know the virus exits unchecked people are not vaccinated scientists say mutants there are going to run wild the who is out saying they fear that if mutations continue to grow around the world eventually one of them could become resistant to some of the vaccines that we have so if something like that happens diane even if you’re perfectly injected in the u.s if a new mutant damage develops somewhere else it could go back into the us and eventually cause harm to beings so again it goes back to what we retain hearing from the who from the icc the world is not going to be safe until every single country is also injected and safe so where do we stand now how long before the world is vaccinated yeah well dan it’s an uphill battle we did get some good information today just a few hours ago kovacs came out announcing they do have their first quantity of countries 18 countries they’re going to be sending vaccines into this is a huge deal that something they’ve been working towards for months so this is really really good news hopefully we can get these inoculations into poorer nations but dan even with this good news we’re still facing an uphill battle now you know many countries they say poorer nations could not vaccinate all of their minorities and vulnerable for at least another time so if you think of that that’s a entire other year of inoculation operating wildernes in some of these countries potentially mutant strains sounding up and too the world economy being affected so that is going to hurt not only the world but the usa and specially the us’s bottom line if we don’t get restrict of this around the world yeah a lot to consider there maggie rooley in london for us thanks maggie and now to the first ever successful face and double paw displace the groundbreaking surgery is giving a young man a new fortune at living amy robach has more this morning a breakthrough surgery that has never been successful until now in july of 2018 joe dimeo fell asleep at the rotate coming home after a double shift working in a lab his gondola crashed then exploded good samaritans gathering him out of the burning automobile his mothers raced to the hospital what did they say to you exactly he might not make it time 19 years old at the time demayo was burned beyond approval burns encompassing 80 percent of his mas surgeons acting 20 reconstructive surgeries but he needed more i was really boned out at first but i typically have the foe exactly to always bounce back and keep moving forward enter dr eduardo rodriguez head of plastic surgery at nyu langone in new york city who offered joe a face and double handwriting implant exclusively two have yet been played both unsuccessful he only has a six percent luck of the definition of a sponsor because of all the blood transfusions and the scalp implants that he’s received during his acute burn surgery a donor was procured and in august demayo get in for the implant a 23 hour enterprise with 16 surgeons and two operating room doctors supplanted his full face and both paws to the mid forearm when you see your son’s brand-new face can you even describe what that is like from the moment on where reference is went into the room after the operation that’s him now that’s the new joe when i saw my face for the first time it still didn’t actually didn’t stumbled me because i don’t know it precisely it didn’t seem real at first now almost six months later joe is doing great and it gradually comes down a lot more like every day i can see a lot coming back now extremely like my cheekbones one day he hopes he can thank his donor’s family i’m very grateful for them to you know get this endow to me and uh i don’t really know how to thank someone that you know gives you a second chance at man a team of more than 140 medical professionals have helped joe on his implant expedition and dr rodriguez says encounter joe’s donor was like finding a needle in a haystack and it truly shows the importance of registering as a donor diane astounding tale amy robach thank you for having that and that does it for this abc news live update i’m diane macedo thanks for joining us and remember abc news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis i’ll see you back here at 3 p.m eastern with terry moran for the breakdown

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