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the future of the republican party and the fate of republican congressman marjorie taylor lettuce democratic leaders today announced that the house of representatives will vote tomorrow on whether to strip the georgia republican of her committee undertakings or right to sit on numerous committees the embattled congresswoman she’s got a long biography of odd incorrect and incendiary notes that includes the unsubstantiated election fraud claims also many wild plot hypothesis she appeared to endorse violent menaces against mansion speaker nancy pelosi and other democrats she has also suggested that the sandy hit and parkland academy shootings were placed so participating us now to discuss the situation is a very good person on this subject her 2020 primary foe from the country of georgia dr john cowan dr cowan thanks very much for being with us hi thanks for having me so you operated against her uh you knew a lot about this rhetoric going into the race and you have said afterwards you that your neighborhood elected repeat a rattlesnake why why’d they do that well gaze she extended a great campaign as far as attacking all the media channels she came in with a with a campaign that was coming from another quarter that had been running for eight months she was well funded she had some key endorsements and she hit the ground running i’m a political apprentice first time i’d ever feed i operated awareness-raising campaigns as a constitutional christian republican wanting to be a servant leader uh trying to trying to not make a career out of this by any elongate of imagination and uh she came across as as a trump in heels as a fighter she had a great kind of five second to ten second uh lurch that she would leave that was very compelling and convincing and uh you know our territory is disheartened with the gridlock in in washington dc they insure the rise of socialism and some of the things that we might see in the extreme left as a real existential threat to us she sounded into that in a way that i just couldn’t um unfortunately she generates a lot of baggage with her and dr cowan republicans are converging today to discuss green’s future so what is it you people want your republican colleagues to know and what do you think would be appropriate action here i’m going to let the decision uh on that be be up to them i mean they’re there boots on the sand they know how to do that appropriately i think i require republicans to know that the people of northwest georgia are just they’re good hard-working people they enjoy this country they are fed up with some of the foolishness in washington d.c we’ve seen a lot of that and there’s a lot of exasperation uh uh you know when we’re on the republican terminate of the range we’re forestalled with how uh our insight of the of extremes on the democrat side seem to get away with things and never extend penalized yet they’re always coming at us for any little misstep and so this is going to be a tricky area i’m not sure that strip her of a committee seat is necessarily going to tone down the hyperbole i think it may embolden her in some way and so i don’t know what the right solution is if it were me i am only i would be the one probably the first one to stand up and say you know i’ve misspoken i’m here to serve the people of the 14 th district and that’s going to be my job not concluding headlines not stimulating me the messenger be the tale but the theme the republican theme that i have to tell be the narration and i am looking forward to she transitions into that well john she did tweet today that she thinks the reason this is happening to her is because she’s quote white woman wife mother christian conservative business proprietor these are the reasons they don’t want me on education and labor so it’s an name publish as she says herself here but but let me actually turn to the larger question of the republican party of of which as you say you’re a proud conservative christian representative today the republicans are too deciding the fate of congresswoman liz cheney uh also republican from wyoming she’s facing calls to be deprived of her leader character because she supported the impeachment of director trump after the attack on the united states fund what’s your take on this growing divide here in washington in the republican party do you see it across the country well i do i mean i see it in our own territory i think there’s a there is a battle going on for the being of the republican party and i think we all no matter where you find yourself on that argument have to remember that we have to have a viable uh conservative party in this country uh um to serve the republic uh we definitely have one in the democratic party this is challenging bringing some things our way and we have to combat it and again i think we have to get back to we’ve got to have our meaning hear you say and not is related to the messengers we can’t time be these caricatures of extremes on the right or left of the republican party i wholeheartedly support liz cheney she endorsed me during my primary campaign and i think anytime someone is given leeway to have a vote of conscience that they should be allowed to do that and not have any repercussions i think that’s the honorable thing to do and dr cowan i wonder one how much of a character do you think that social media and participation and getting the likes and coming the press drives that division that you’re seeing or those extreme views that you’re talking about um and too you know light-green tweeted on saturday that she had spoken with former president trump and that he patronage her if that’s true what kind of power do you think his support carries yeah i don’t know i planned he’s still very popular in the republicans favourite in my district um i would seek confirmation on that and kind of see what is what does that aim by supporting um i do think social media is really an complaint in our society right now and i joked to somebody the other day we may look at this like we uh like we look at tobacco now in that that it was uh something that was prevalent around but we didn’t quite understand some of the risks of it and it may be when we look at this later on uh over the next couple decades realise you know we’ve got to uh wreaking this in a little bit or we’re really going to do some is detrimental to ourselves dr john cowan

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