Rep. Matt Gaetz: ‘We have to marshal a positive populism’ |

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Rep. Matt Gaetz: 'We have to marshal a positive populism' |

joining us on the phone after just finishing that rally in wyoming is florida republican representative matt gates always good to have you on the show congressman so you’re in wyoming today speaking out against the number three republican in the house liz cheney for her vote to impeach president trump today at the rally you told the crowd that you are quote the og on team cheney removal and yet on a republican caucus conference call yesterday minority leader kevin mccarthy told fellow republicans to stop the intra-party fighting and quote cut the crap what’s your response to that and did you talk directly to mccarthy about this trip i think washington should cut the crap i think

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when washington sends our bravest patriots for the to the forever wars that are backed by liz cheney that’s a lot of crap i think that when establishment politicians try to redefine the republican party through some sort of purging of the america first principles that that’s a bunch of crap what i saw in wyoming today were hundreds of patriots who came out to denounce the leadership of liz cheney she’s been ineffective for the people of wyoming heck well his cheney has a 10 approval rating among wyoming republicans that’s lower than the approval rating of muammar gaddafi when he was removed by the libyans but how does this intra-party fighting help advance the cause of the republican party that would like to ideally take back the house and take back the white house in 2024 i want republicans to win but to do that we have to be worthy of winning right now

there’s an identity crisis in the republican party there are some in washington who believe that we’ve got to purge trumpism and we’ve got to do whatever is necessary to get back in the good graces of the corporate pacts that have sworn off some republicans i take a different view i think that we’ve got to get out in the country and we have to marshal a positive populism that will lead to better candidates better policies and ultimately a better electoral performance i don’t know that we will ever get back in the majority if we revert back to the paul ryan flavored version of republicanism that had lost for quite some time and i want to pick up on that idea because you’ve said that you have a competing vision of republicanism that differs from some of your colleagues do you think that there’s a place in the republican party today for the 10 members say who voted to impeach president trump i don’t believe that the folks who supported impeachment are anywhere near in line with the republicans throughout the country who still have reasonable questions about election integrity and who still believe that president trump’s policies made their lives better uh you know they’re they’re doing damage uh by i think falling for the siren song of big media big tech and big corporations that would prefer trumpism to be purged than for it to continue to advance you talk about trumpism i understand that you spoke with former president trump last night can you share any of the sentiment of that call as far as his tone or his thoughts moving forward well i don’t give readouts on my conversations with president trump it’s why i’m able to still have them but i’ve got nothing but encouragement from the trump family donald trump jr even called in to the rally today to call on wyoming republicans to replace liz cheney and send a representative who represents them your new colleague in the house marjorie taylor green has repeatedly indicated in prior facebook post support for executing prominent members of the democratic party she has also embraced the q anon conspiracy theory does your vision of the republican party include her i do not believe in executing anyone for politics i categorically reject political violence and i know that in my own life there have been things i’ve posted on social media that i’ve regretted that don’t represent the person i am frankly

i think that’s the case for a lot of americans so i don’t judge people based on their worst social media posts i do believe there’s a place in our party for marjorie taylor green and i categor or i absolutely denounce political violence but i i just want to push back on that because you know the idea that she was saying that you know.

nancy pelosi was guilty of treason and treason should be punishable by death that’s not just somebody’s kind of worst day right i mean that’s pretty hard you don’t know if it’s their worst they’re not what i know is that the marjorie taylor dream that i’ve interacted in the car with in the congress is a very serious person she tries to bring a business approach to problem solving with the matters that are before our conference and i don’t judge her based on the worst things that she says on social media because i wouldn’t want my fellow americans to judge me based on the worst things i’ve said on social media and lastly who if anyone in your opinion should be held accountable for the deadly ride at the capitol three weeks ago uh the people who committed those murders and them alone no one for inciting it or for bringing them there or rallying the troops so to speak i believe that there were you know murders committed and i believe that the people who had the criminal intent to commit those murders should be held accountable i do not believe that every person that attended that rally is an insurrectionist or a domestic terrorist i think we can localize accountability on the people who engaged in truly criminal behavior okay representative gates


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