Tornado injures 20 in Alabama, triple threat of storms move across the country |

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turning now to those triple threat squalls on the move overnight a vicious hurricane rending through alabama and now this morning at least 31 territories from california all the way to massachusetts are on winter weather alertings alex perez affiliates us with more from chicago good morning alex hey good morning amy this is what people here are waking up to a lot of blizzard and a sloppy morning travel there are condition related problems across the country including those terrifying times in alabama overnight a tornado touching down in fultondale alabama not far from birmingham i have a patient trapped in by a tree at least one person is dead and at least 20 parties have been injured first responders scurrying to the scene scouring through what’s left of destroyed the house and constructs this is going to be an substantial extrication we have a whole house on top of a cellar we have five martyrs inside you can see this home merely altogether gutted there is a car lay beneath all that rubble

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dwelling after dwelling now showing like really massive piles of debris this hampton inn hotel naughtily injury but luckily all guests are now accounted for and out west a treacherous driving conditions leading to rack after hulk in arizona whiteout cases performing visibility close to zero automobiles guardedly creeping down snow submerge superhighways this car struggling to get traction in iowa while others precisely couldn’t get their autoes back on the road in grapevine california

up to three inches of snow falling forcing a major interstate to be closed down the blizzard tumults are starting to stick and that sticking is causing beings to panic in san bernardino applaud pelting gangs as they work to clear streets automobiles going nowhere fast in nebraska many up to their tires in blizzard parts of the state getting more than a foot of snow and officials in alabama will begin assessing the damage there today as for this snowstorm it’s already moving east expected to create problems along the way robin we’re going to talk about that expressed appreciation for alex so let’s go to strip tell us about where these blizzards are going to smacked and triumph cheat well this is a big one robin it’s really stretching out just starting to get this precipitation shield into the northeast here it is on the radar and the twirl you identify over the four angles region that’s the next squall that’s coming we’ve got 31 countries under wintertime condition alertings continuously from the coast to coast and we’d still have a severe weather threat across the southeast today be aware of that atlanta alabama and georgia maybe the carolinas icing conditions in through philadelphia baltimore d.c at least in the morning and then snow’s arriving mid-morning into the new york metro orbit albany boston that’s where you’ll ascertain the heaviest amounts of snow we’ll see some sleep desegregating in along the i-9 5 corridor but certainly dangerous driving conditions for much of today we’ll have more on the next two cyclones in a bit


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