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now to that billion dollar mystery who won that massive mega millions jackpot only one winning ticket sold and it was in michigan will reed joins us now with more good morning will good morning robin it literally is that billion dollar ticket we know where it was sold now we’re left to wonder who bought it [Music] this morning it’s a mega millions mystery in michigan they don’t have the option to remain anonymous because it is a multi-state game so they do have to make their identity known the winning ticket worth a billion dollars the third largest jackpot in u.s history was sold at this grocery store in novi a small town outside detroit i think just in general any city says you know having that ticket bought means more hustle and bustle into my city it’s the luck of the draw and we got lucky the lucky ticket holder might stay anonymous for a while the winner has one year from the date of the drawing to claim their prize with this amount of money i imagine they’re probably getting their affairs in order and planning exactly what they want to do when they do come forward the odds of holding that winning mega millions ticket were one in nearly 303 million if the winner chooses the lump sum payment that’ll be a check for nearly 740 million dollars if you’re holding that ticket right now and don’t know what to do listen up first sign that ticket that’s important put your name on the back of it and second you’re going to want to keep it in a very safe place whether that’s a safe at your home you put it in a safety deposit box at a bank put it somewhere that you can know that it’s going to be safe and secure there are only seven states where winners can stay anonymous one of them south carolina that’s where the largest single prize was ever awarded 1.5 billion dollars in 2018 and now we wait and see who won in michigan i personally guys would take the lump sum because it’s a whole lot of money you think thank you will will’s getting very wise [Laughter] thank you will reeve hi everyone

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