Amid the pandemic, fashion statements made an impact on Inauguration Day Nightline |

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Amid the pandemic, fashion statements made an impact on Inauguration Day  Nightline |

with the usual pop of initiation scaled back this year fashion seemed to grab the spotlight in the nation’s capital from vice president kamala harris’s bold selection of violet by christopher john roberts to michelle obama’s show-stopping monochromatic sergio hudson ensemble and first lady dr jill biden’s sparkly blue mercarian coat looks were glued not just to the new organisation but its look too vice president harris deciding that she was going to wear black designers for the induction was obviously a highly conscious decision and “its one” that automatically promotes those designers in the public imagination it was a day carried with symbolism and purpose from the red white and blue of the performers to that gilded jump to the vp’s nieces in cheetah etch coats in honour of their auntie and 22 time old-time national teenager poet laureate amanda gorman in those gold earrings endowed to her by oprah who helped dress another acclaimed inaugural poet maya angelou in 1993.

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Amid the pandemic, fashion statements made an impact on Inauguration Day  Nightline |

The smashes actually began the day before induction when biography starting harris attended the covet memorial at the national mall in a camel cashmere coat by kirby gene raymond of pure moss gene raymond is the son of haitian american immigrants and acclaims from new york for me what was sort of really special whether everybody kind of gestured to american fad i think of identifies like pia spoils and this new generation of black designers who’ve been sort of gleaming a course it was really special for for karma to to sort of show her subsistence and likewise been demonstrated that she she she you know she sees that change likewise from brand-new york the first lady’s white evening ogle crafted in the city’s struggling clothe quarter by uruguayan immigrant gabriela hurst who weaved a meaning of unity through the embroidery of buds representing the whole 50 territories “its what” america looks like now we’re a society of immigrants they were all really modern selects i think commonly we tend to see terribly fixed specifies at the initiation and i think it was really wonderful for uh dr joe biden selecting a new mention and a sort of an up-and-coming name on the stage this is the moment when not only is the entire country watching but the world is watching for 36 time old sergio hudson the designer of two inaugural gazes including harris’s sleek evening ensemble the moment was about ushering in a brand-new era of developing decorators to be a young pitch-black decorator and to have your designings on the global stage like that yesterday not formerly but twice what was that like to be honest with you it was a relief and “i m feeling” by vice president harris wearing three pitch-black decorators yes you can carry a black decorator yes you can pay a substantial amount of money for a black designer’s apparel hudson is no stranger to the spotlight a native of south carolina he’s been making a name for himself over the years garmenting fames like beyonce amal clooney kendall jenner and issa rae you garmented a lot of striking ladies but now people know your name sergio hudson has the telephone time been reverberating off the hook um yes my phone is ringing off the hook and i’m not keeping up with it keeping pace with the chatter has brought about former first lady michelle obama who shook up social media in that merlot colored ensemble it was the moment we’ve been waiting for because a lot of ages parties think if you really dress fames it translates to success for your business but that’s not the truth if garmented in the privilege notoriety at the appropriate time at the right happening but it wasn’t just the glitz that grabbed the attention just ask the accidental fashionista vermont senator bernie sanders those handmade mittens which propelled thousands and thousands of memes a re-wear from the campaign trail knitted with love by vermont second gradation teach jen ellis and just like those hand warmers another supplement justification a stimulate the two thousand dollar footwear worn by the husband of vp harris’s niece mina so many moments so many dreams recognized especially for sergio hudson who’s hopeful this day of autobiography leads to lasting change in the design world.


I have daughters black daughters and i just thought about them in that moment like wow like now my niece and my daughters will have someone to look to and say she broke the glass ceiling it’s the honour of my busines so far.


credit by: ABC News on Youtube



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