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for numerous trump boosters this week was the time to say farewell president they had voted in favour of as chairperson trump arrived in west palm beach on wednesday he was greeted with the merriments of his loyal allies it’s a send-off you know congratulations it’s a celebration it’s a welcome home he stood up for us and now we want to show him how much we affection him and that we support him among the crowd that day richard snowden it was a bit sad i think most trump contributors will admit that a few cases sobbings were molted a similarity gala as the rest of the country watched the 46 th president of the united states be blasphemed in joseph robinette biden jr do solemnly swear director joe biden announcing for the country to come together unity is the path forward and we must meet this moment as the united states of america a desperate plea after a month that started with a failed insurrection at the u.s capitol followed by the second impeachment of donald trump charged with inciting that mob on the ends of all of this we spoke with three trump followers from three different states to pose the question where do we go from here and is peace possible at a time of deep divide joe biden is now the president united states of america what do you think well i will never say anything bad about him i will watch and and take it all in he is my president he is our president good parties have to wish merely the best success for his administration because it affects all of us i first fit retired delaware financier richard snowden at a minneapolis rally in 2019 it would be one of 74 trump mobilizes he would attend over the last five years he spent more than 30 thousand dollars of his own money traveling to them five years ago a year ago when we assemble today you were drinking the donald trump kool-aid and it sounds like you’re still drinking it well i think donald trump is a tremendous american patriot i’ve never been a drink a kool-aid drinker last-place era we talked i think you did say you were boozing the kool-aid i said what brother our dialogue on videotape we wake up every day thanking the lord that donald trump is our president wow yeah we affection him you booze the kool-aid gallon of town it sounds like yeah unsweetened extremely i’ll allow you to correct me on that stand but two years later i’m i’m not drinking kool-aid i’m still a big supporter i will support him in 2024 if he decides to run so it’s fair to say you’re no longer sucking the trump kool-aid but you’re willing to have coffee with joe biden yes yes richard says although he has admits biden as president he still has some agnosticism about the election the election results said that trump lost the courts have said that trump lost those who recount the votes said he lost but a lot of folk like you exactly still don’t believe he lost well i i i’ve accepted it though i don’t believe it there was funny business no question about it but we have to move on you turn it that’s what i’m doing i’m moving on i’m on the trump learn but i’m moving on a poll handled following the election in november demo more than three-quarters of trump followers felt the baseless allegations that biden’s prevail was due to voter fraud here in the suburbs of raleigh north carolina missionary pastor chad harvey says he’s trying to help this flock came to see you calls with a brand-new chairwoman starting by confront all the misinformation it sounds like in these last couple of weeks besides calling babies deporting funerals baptizing parties you’ve had to be the misinformation police yeah and actually it’s kind of interesting there has been a little bit of thwarting i guess maybe directed at me because um i have to be the bearer of bad news and say hey i don’t think trump is going to swoop in at the last minute it doesn’t time us good for the wider world to see missionaries going sucked into all kinds of conspiracy beliefs about how trump is going to serve four more years harvey is of the view that about 90 percent of his congregation at cross assembly faith voted for trump we were with him just days before the election at the time putting his trust in the republican candidate like it or not donald trump‘s programmes are more in line with evangelical pentecostal conservative theology than joe biden’s is what was this wednesday like for your gathering when europe representatives ascertained joe biden keep his hand on the family bible and take the oath of office that he is in fact our president yeah uh for some tribes it was it was bittersweet i don’t think it was the inauguration itself that concerned some evangelicals specially my flock i think maybe some of the initial director lineups that we’re insure come down the line it’s stimulating a number of concerns in the missionary society harvey also elevates concerns over the recent appointment of dr rachel levine as biden’s deputy secretary of health the first frankly trans gal to be confirmed by the u.s senate to see an individual who really is the antithesis of the missionary belief of human sexuality the missionary viewpoint of the traditional home now be elevated to the number two position in the state bureau um i do think there’s some concern i asked this question not only as a reporter but i asked this question as person or persons of religion who takes my sect very seriously and too as a person of shade that part of what i hear in your conversation and in the views of of men in your congregation was the same argument that evangelicals made about people who looked like me 40 years ago 70 several years ago that somehow black people people of color didn’t belong and so part of what i hear you saying now at least for me reverberates of that hypocrisy “thats really not” a white concern this is an a conservative evangelical concern that really transcends ethnic fronts there was a time in the history of missionary religiou where the line was raised that if you were white you were here if you were black you were here and now the missionary direction is about virility that if you are perceived to be a heterosexual person you are here as a relationship as a child of god but if you are transgender you are less a child of god and so to me again it is just like both speak of a flavor of of not all of us are welcome right right and so that’s the beautiful thing about by definition missionaries are scripture centered and so scripture never defames an individual based on color scripture never separates parties out as one race being superior than others scripture does though differentiate right and wrong it constructs me feel with all these issues that still fraction our person how can joe biden or anybody else any other politician perhaps connect that fraction yeah by now the answer is he can’t i don’t think donald trump can do it i don’t think joe biden can do it in washington d.c chairwoman biden ratifying a batch of ministerial orderings during his second period in place focusing on economic recovery for lineages and small businesses hard hit by the pandemic these small businesses they are hurting severely and they account for nearly half of the entire u.s workforce business owners amy thomas and her husband lloyd among those struggling they’re the owners of pecan plaza a strip mall an hour northward of austin texas we firstly fulfilled them back in april as they were reopening after a seven week lockdown the month of february we had twenty thousand dollars in marketings uh the month of marching i had little than a thousand amy says she received federal aid and small business loans during the pandemic but it wasn’t always easy getting her money it was rather difficult to find where you were supposed to go which informant you are to actually fill out the paperwork but we did do that and i was able to receive some money among biden’s initiatives today setting up benefit delivery crews to help small businesses navigate complex federal and regime curricula but amy who had voted in favour of trump says she’s skeptical of it i think on paper it might truly been wonderful but are we creating another bureaucracy with this amy hopes small businesses will remain a priority for the new disposal let’s move forward let’s regenerate let’s let’s do jobs back open and let’s support the small guy i’m asking for a chance all across america all sides want an opportunity at their edition of a better america all agree america’s deep divide did not start with donald trump and with his impeachment trial looming next week trump adherents say that segment is not end with president joe biden either

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