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our plan starts with mounting an vigorous safe and effective vaccination campaign to meet our goal of administering 100 million photographs in our first hundred daytimes in bureau is that that’s basically where the china is right now when i announced that you all said it’s not possible come on give me a terminate boy that’s a good start joe biden bristol a bit when asked if his inoculation schedule is ambitious enough but there are big questions going forward as the begrudge death toll threatens to climb past 600 000 in the coming months now to respond to some of them the president’s nominee for surgeon general dr vivek murthy dr murthy expressed appreciation for for assembling us this morning let’s let’s talk about that goal for 100 million inoculations in a hundred daytimes as you know it’s many professionals have weighed in saying the programme is not ambitious enough we need to do better can we do better will we do better well thanks george it’s great to be with you today you know as director biden has said he name one of the aims of 100 million hits uh in his first hundred dates in part that’s a floor it’s not a ceiling it’s also a objective that manifests uh the realities that we are confronted with what could go right but also what could go wrong i think president biden fully understands there’s a larger goal now as we all do which is that we’ve got to inoculate as many americans as is practicable and that’s going to take a lot of work work dispelling misinformation working on the supply increasing distribution channels and that’s some of what the vaccine schedule that he announced over the last week is intended to achieve are there ways to increase the supply number one and number two on the distribution it seems at least in these first inoculations that have gone out they’ve been going largely to wealthier part of the country mainly to wider areas of the country is there a route to get more equitable dissemination and increase the quantity well it’s the right question george because success ought to have computed not just by the number of vaccines we extradite but too by how reasonably we deliver those vaccines how equitably we deliver them we already know from the begrudged crisis over the past year that there are certain communities that have been hard hit by this virus that rural communities have had a harder time getting access to resources the communities of color have known more cases and fatalities that elderlies have contended especially those in long-term equipment and what we’ve got to do here is not just again increase give which we can do utilizing the justification production act obliging specific syringes that can extract more vaccine from the pfizer bottles but we’ve also got to set up the kind of distribution channels like mobile cells like strategically sat chemical vaccination centers that can reach people who traditionally are hard to reach and don’t have access to health care lastly george we’ve got to track our progress we’ve got to make sure that we have data on where the inoculation is being administered so that we can ensure that it in fact is being distributed equitably how about the next inoculation the johnson johnson inoculation is that close to approval well we’re hopeful that we’ll get good report on that front george because the truth is the more vaccine that we have in terms of options in terms of supply the more quickly we’ll be able to vaccinate the country but what’s important is that we focus and plan for what we have right now and you know the goal of achieving 100 million shots in 100 periods is one uh that is achievable uh with the supplying that we we have and that we’re anticipating from fisa and from moderna and and that’s what we’ve got to focus on so we hope for the best but we’ve got a plan for the situation we have now i want to ask you about this discrepancy of the covid that is now in the united kingdom at least 20 positions say it’s here now as well the british prime minister boris johnson said this week there is evidence that is more deadly than other strange i know that last month you said we didn’t have enough exhibit to say that it’s more deadly has that modified well i’m glad you’re bringing this up george because the variances are very concerning but they are not surprising because this is what viruses do they mutate they alter and we should expect that but here’s what we know we know that the variant not just the uk variant but likely the south africa variant the brazilian barium p1 are likely to be more transmissible and while there’s some early data that was reported on earlier the coming week that the uk variant may in fact is most deadly we still need more data to clearly understand the answer to that question but here’s a larger lesson george from the discrepancies they are really a shot across the bow the virus is basically telling us that it’s going to continue to change and we’ve got to be ready for it and what does that mean well it means we’ve got to number one do much about our genomic surveillance so we can identify variances when they originate it means we’ve got to doubled down on public health measures like masking and by-passing indoor meets it also makes endowing more in something we haven’t talked about very much recently which is in treatment approaches which have received a lot less attention than vaccines but are really important and and above all this means and we’ve got to invest a lot more in tests and in contact detecting because these too are going to be essential so the bottom line is we’re in a scoot against these discrepancies the virus is going to change and it’s up to us to adapt and to make sure that we’re staying ahead are you confident we can meet president biden’s other destination to get most elementary schools open in the first hundred dates well that’s a very important goal you know i’ll tell you as a mother who has two young children uh you know one of whom is trying to do virtual learn because his institution is not open and and we’re all fight with that i know how critical “its all for” institutions to get open for parents for the economy for all of us which kind of takes a lot of work though and on various breasts we’ve got to focus number 1 going clear steering to class on what they need to do to reopen number two we’ve got to make sure class have their resources uh to be able to reopen and take these measures uh and a lot of them don’t have the resources i entail keep in mind each and every day we have professors across the country who are reaching into their pocket to find a few dollars is payable for affords for their babies they don’t have money to pay for the safety provisions that are needed on their own we’ve got to get them those resources if we get them the resources and the guidance i do think that we can get on a move to reopening institutions more safely but it’s also going to take us going the background number of cases down in our communities and that’s where we all come in achieving these goals turning covet around is a goal that we have to undertake together uh as one nation uh and and if we if we do that then i’m confident we can turn this pandemic around and finally can we get to hurt immunity before the next school year begins in september i think it’s an ambitious goal i think i can think we can see improvement i think we can see reductions in cases and hospitalizations and extinctions i think we can see many more people uh protected but i think what’s important here rather than focusing on a specific number in terms of percentage of the population for hurting exemption is to recognize that the more beings we vaccinate the better we will do the fewer outbreaks we will see the sooner we can get back uh to our way of life uh and that’s what we’ve got to focus on right now that signifies every one of us has to think uh about how we can dispel misinformation make sure our family and working friends have the right information it wants as soon as possible is when the categories are open to us that we make an appointment and disappear get inoculated ourselves uh if we do these things and if we continue to work on taking the safety precautions like disguising and forestalling indoor throngs of parties outside your household then i think we can be on a path to not only turning the pandemic around but most importantly getting our academies open our workplaces back up and running and regaining our way of life dr murphy thanks for your time this morning.

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