Senate ‘must do many things at once’ as impeachment trial nears: Sen. Klobuchar |

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Bringing in senator klobuchar now let me talk first of all senator klobuchar about this impeachment proposal now in the senate the inquiry is going to start on february 9th i was hoping to get to this with senator paul we flowed out of time there but the gop is signaling they’re going to be making a process argument that it’s not constitutional to try a onetime director that it won’t be legitimate if honcho right roberts does not preside your response it is constitutional we have precedent from way back when a secretary of fight was tried after he had left office and obviously there’s a remedy that would help in the future which would restrict onetime chairman trump from running again but as i listened to rand paul george i just stopped speculating being this is why joe biden won the american people right now are struggling they need pandemic comfort they are literally trying to balance their toddlers on their knees and their laptops on their desks and doctrine their first graders how to use a mute button merely to go to school they need help and i fully believe that we can handle this impeachment trial and just as the american people are doing juggle what we need to get done get the homeland security secretary through we just had an insurrection at the capitol do parties justified for joe biden’s board and yes get parties the help that they need that’s what this next month is going to be about you sir john carlson he doesn’t believe there are the votes there to convict president trump right now and we realise director trump after the first experiment going to show those illustrates right here when the votes weren’t there to convict he forfeited the acquitted headline said this was vindication for him you concerned that could happen again my colleagues have not yet devoted about what they’re going to time and the information we just got out of the brand-new york experiences yesterday that the president was actually actively trying to take out his own us attorney general and lay in an uncharted bureaucrat conspiring with him i think we’re going to get more and more evidence over the coming few weeks as if it’s not enough that he sent an irritable syndicate down the mall to invade the capital didn’t try to stop it and a police officer was killed i don’t really know what else you need to know the facts were there we viewed it right there on the stage during the inauguration as you could still see the spray paint at the bottom of many of the rows but if the voting rights aren’t there to imprison would you follow instead either accenture or some kind of settlement for the purposes of the 14 th amendment to prevent president trump from guiding for department again we’re focused on impeachment but there are many alternatives things get looked at but i think the thing that your viewers need to know right now george is that we must do many things at once there is so much problems out there for the american people they demand those vaccines and i’m so glad that joe biden mention the protection product ordinance so we can get them induced we can get the distribution center set up we can make sure that schools can open again that’s what he’s focused on that’s what we’re focused on and we can do this impeachment trial at the same time we are also able run it in the afternoons confirm the campaigners in the morning and pass legislation at night as you know you don’t have an agreement with the republican politics to seeing how this would work well no you don’t have an agreement they have to be negotiated and that’s what i want to ask you about all right whether you can get the organization okay resolution through and also with republicans now saying that the president’s plan is far too big do you still hold out hope for a bipartisan agreement or democrats gonna got to go it alone through reconciliation we had a fine agreement back in 2001 i wasn’t there but george bush was president and we worked it out with even digits on the committees but democrats can be in charge this time because of the fact that we have the deciding referendum those are things that can be worked out easily mitch mcconnell knows it furthermore when it comes to how we’re going to do things done we’re in charge and we’ve with even votes we should be able to get legislation to the floor including the pandemic succour pack as for the amount of the amount that joe biden has proposed that’s exactly the numbers we were talking about last time and at some object the administration was talking those quantities and why do we need it because we don’t even have areas of our country are getting very small numbers of the vaccine we’ve got beings with pre-existing conditions that ought to have literally isolated for nearly a year waiting for help with this vaccine of course we need the funding to get that vaccine spread out there we got to stop messing around and get our economy moving again that’s what joe biden’s proposal is about senator klobuchar thanks for your time this morning.

credit by: ABC News

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