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Welcome back it was two years ago that a man sent 16 packages containing pipe bombs to democrats and other perceived Trump opponents in october the fbi arrested 13 people in a connection with a plot to kidnap michigan’s democratic governor gretchen whitmer virginia’s governor was also on the kidnapping list and throughout the Trump presidency journalists have been routinely threatened by Trump supporters sadly i can attest to that on a near weekly basis in the wake of wednesday’s events it’s fair to ask why so many people remain silent about the obvious threat president Trump‘s incendiary rhetoric posed so joining me now is republican senator pat toomey of pennsylvania senator toomey thank you for joining us in a rough week welcome back to meet the press let me start with this there’s calls for resignation impeachment removal by way of the 25th amendment you yourself said he’s committed impeachable offenses in your view what is the most appropriate way for donald Trump to exit office well i think the best way for our country chuck is for the president to resign and go away as soon as possible.

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i acknowledge that may not be likely but uh i think that would be best does not look as though there is um the will or the consensus to exercise the 25th amendment option and i don’t think there’s time to do an impeachment there’s 10 days left before the president leaves anyway i think the best thing would be a resignation the issue of impeachment you have said he committed impeachable offenses and there’s clearly the timing issue but one of the goals one of the penalties that come with impeachment this is almost as much about removing him from current office but it would prevent him from ever holding federal office again assuming a majority senate vote if he’s convicted would also then do that should that be the goal how to make sure this man never holds federal office ever again in that because of what he did on wednesday yes so chuck um a couple of things one it’s not clear the the constitution permits uh impeachment conviction and prohibition against ever serving again which is a separate vote that that’s permitted after a person has left office which is what would have to happen here so whether that could be done in a binding fashion is really an open question that’s number one number two i would certainly hope and i actually do believe that the president has disqualified himself i don’t think he’s a viable candidate for office ever again because of the outrageous behavior in the post-election period so those would be my two points throughout his term senator uh you were on here quite a few times when um uncomfortably he would say something or do something where i would ask you about his rhetoric and you had a consistent answer and i want to show some folks those answers here we go i don’t spend a lot of time trying to evaluate and analyze why the president comes to the conclusions he comes to i don’t spend a lot of time focusing on the president’s tweets and things that the president says what i focus more on is what is he going to actually do i think it’s a long way to attributing any kind of real link between what the president might say or tweet and the extraordinary type of madness that leads someone to massacre people now look in fairness i also want to play what you said on the senate floor this week here’s that we witnessed today the damage that can result when men in power and responsibility refuse to acknowledge the truth we saw bloodshed because the demagogue chose to spread falsehoods and so distrust of his own fellow americans senator you know the question that’s coming and i’m sure you’ve heard it from a lot of people do you regret not speaking out sooner and did you underestimate the threat of his rhetoric chuck i think it’s important to make a distinction between the president’s behavior prior to the election and his behavior after the election for years and said ridiculous things he he he had like he lied frequently many objectionable things if they were sufficiently objectionable i did publicly weigh in and i did many many times but he tweeted hundreds of times a day many days and i still don’t think that i should have gone back and attempted to be his twitter editor after the election he took this to an entire different place orders of magnitude different look i mean come on recruiting thousands of americans from around the country to descend on the capitol promising a wild ride and inciting them to attack the capitol building so as to prevent the constitutional responsibility of the vice president and the congress to complete the peaceful transfer of power after an election all so that he could try to stay in office that is wildly beyond anything that any of us that well certainly that i ever contemplated and and anything that he did before um so um i i don’t think that this unbelievable behavior of wednesday for instance could have been reasonably expected well you say that and it with all due respect an entire primary campaign was waged against him in 2016 where some of the very people that support this president still like ted cruz called him a pathological liar worried that his rhetoric was going to go in another and and many people didn’t believe it i you yourself are explained to me you didn’t you didn’t really believe this was going to go there and i guess a lot of other folks go why how did you miss it well you know how did how did half of america miss it or more than half america i’m i’m quite sure that many democrats that voted for joe biden didn’t expect that this was going to happen chuck and it’s because the president spiraled down into a kind of madness that was different i’m sorry if if people don’t acknowledge that i think what he did this past week is wildly different from the offensive tweets that were common during his presidency and i don’t think that those tweets clearly indicated that this was coming what should what kind of responsibility do you hold senators holly and cruz for what happened on wednesday uh look i think the um what they’re gonna they’re gonna have a lot of soul-searching to do and uh the the problem is they were complicit in the big lie this lie that that donald Trump won the election in a landslide and it was all stolen um they compounded that with this notion that somehow this could all be reversed in the final moments of the congressional proceedings um so that’s that’s going to be that’s going to haunt them for a very long time i know i know you are lim you you are a uh not crazy about uh what you might consider overreach would it be overreach to kick either man out of the senate i i think so i i think they’re going to pay a very heavy price what they they did was it was technically permissible under the senate rules their voters will decide whether they get another term and they’re they’re both young enough men that i’m sure they would certainly like to do that so i think it should be left to the voters of their state to decide what their fate is you regret your vote for president now not knowing what i knew then i think as the 75 million americans making this evaluation between this radicalization of the democratic party and an administration that had very significant successes um diane i understand and i i this is it was a rational decision nobody could have anticipated what has happened i don’t think uh subsequent to the election senator pat toomey republican from pennsylvania really appreciate you coming on and sharing your perspective with us thank you sir thanks for having me chuck hello from washington i’m chuck todd and thanks for checking out the meet the press channel on youtube click on the button down here to subscribe and click over here to watch the latest interviews highlights and other digital exclusives



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