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the reporting of the results and circumstances surrounding the 2020 Iowa democratic party caucuses were unacceptable as chair of the party I apologize deeply for this a day late and a dollar short the first results from the Iowa caucus just revealed a short time ago nearly 24 hours late the technical glitch is apparently to blame some candidates are confused others outraged that is how we started the 2020 presidential election now we are off to the races at this hour President Trump may be making last-minute edits to his State of the Union speech he is the first president facing impeachment in the midst of a campaign for re-election will he bring up the elephant in that room right now dozens of Americans are preparing to fly out of China that nation is of course grappling with the coronavirus as it continues to spread we’ll hear from one of the evacuees and the emotional confrontation during a meeting in a Michigan school a father describes his son bearing the brunt of racism and the shocking response from another father in the room a glimpse of America in 2020 good evening everyone I’m Lindsay Davis thanks so much for streaming with us certainly a lot to get to tonight taking a live look now at the Capitol where the president will soon be making his way there to deliver his State of the Union address but we begin with the confusion and uncertainty that marked the start of the 20/20 campaign after a night of chaos in Iowa the votes are just now finally coming in at this hour Peapod edge with a slight lead you may recall he declared victory last night well in advance of the first official tallies and now one day later and still only 62% of the votes are in as you saw at the top of the show the chair of the Iowa democratic party has apologized for this mess the candidates did not wait for the official results many of them last night boarded flights heading to New Hampshire on to the next stop where the first primary takes place next week and that’s where we find our whit Johnson even with Iowa in chaos former South Bend mayor Pete Budaj arrived in New Hampshire determined to take a victory lap he was banking on an Iowa bounce they’re not complete results from the majority of the preliminary results put Budaj edge neck-and-neck with Bernie Sanders who is also anticipating his success in Iowa today the Senators frustration was palpable we should all be disappointed there’s no excuse for not having results last night Elizabeth Warren declaring partial results from the Iowa democratic party is just not good enough I think they are too get it together and release all of the data but former Vice President Joe Biden perhaps looking to put Iowa behind him saying there’s no rush let’s give them time we don’t know precisely how many telex we have or how many we’ll get but I feel really good about getting more than our fair share tonight the Iowa democratic party is under fire for the debacle which the Chairman blamed on a coding error in the caucus app as chair of the party I apologize deeply but the turmoil seeming to give at least one of the candidates a new lease on life I’m someone that thrives in chaos you want a steady hand in chaos right the caucuses were supposed to sort out the field winnow it down and tonight in a sea of frustrated Democrats one man was smiling I hear something happened in Iowa or didn’t happen can’t figure that out former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg skipped Iowa altogether he’s focusing on Super Tuesday and today the billionaire announced he’s doubling the amount of money he’s spending in this fight and wit Johnson joins us now live in Milford New Hampshire at a Sanders campaign event so whit this was of course not the day after Iowa anyone was prepared for the Sanders campaign seems particularly unhappy with how this all played out how are the supporters they’re reacting to the confusion in Iowa well Lindsey despite the frustration despite the mess disaster that played out in Iowa as you can hear behind me Bernie Sanders supporters they are energized they are hopeful they’re motivated they like with their hearing coming out of Iowa and those preliminary results Bernie Sanders campaign is saying that more people actually turned out for birdie at those caucus sites than any other candidate but because he is neck and neck with people to judge they can’t claim that full victory that they really wanted to have coming out of Iowa and then coming here to New Hampshire Bernie Sanders himself called it a disappointment and he said that the Iowa democratic party was negligent by not releasing those results in a timely manner and as you mentioned this likely did very little we know the field at all so what does this mean now for the role of New Hampshire going forward well the New Hampshire primary Lindsey now becomes that much more important one week for today for candidates like Bernie Sanders Budaj this could really solidify and cement frontrunner status for Amy Klobuchar Elizabeth Warren this could be make-or-break and perhaps determine how far they can go in this race and then for Joe Biden who’s currently sitting in fourth place out of Iowa this will be a huge test to prove that he is in fact the most electable candidate fit to beat Donald Trump a claim that he’s been making on the campaign trail Lindsey all right with Johnson on the trail with us thank you for that live report but there are still so many questions about what happened in Iowa and our Thom yamas was in the room in Iowa as officials there apologized it’s so time just to start us off give us a sense of the anatomy of a botched caucus if you will how this all played out Lyndsay good evening well it all played out at first things seemed to be going pretty well people were wrapping up the caucuses at first over the first two hours it looked like things were right on schedule and then suddenly the precinct chairman started realizing they couldn’t report the data that was coming in from the more than 1600 precincts all across the Hawkeye State now there was a backup there was a phone bank that they could call these results in the problem was they didn’t man enough phones and the wait times were longer than an hour so coupled with the discrepancies in the app because there were seem to be a coding problem with the app all of that sort of convoluted it got got all mixing together it snowballed into just what was the biggest political catastrophe Iowa has seen in a long time the problem here Lindsey is that they’ve had problems the last two caucus go-arounds last time around the Democratic caucus here with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton winning with a razor-thin margin and just before that Rick Santorum can’t came out on top but because it was so close again because of reporting discrepancies he really couldn’t ride that wave of momentum into New Hampshire people here are confused they were upset it still remains the biggest political mystery in the Democratic world right now it’s still unclear who exactly won the Iowa caucuses we have have they are reporting some results but only 62% of the state we’re coming on 24 hours Lindsey since the voting started almost and we still don’t have a declared winner in Iowa and that makes a lot of people especially the campaigns the campaign volunteers the staffers have put so much time into this state more than a year’s worth of work and right now they really have nothing to show for it right and as you just said the candidates putting so much into Iowa but there’s been a lot of discussion today whether the entire caucus system is obsolete and should be ended how are islands on the ground reacting to that well look I can tell you this from when we were reporting last night over five hours right here on ABC News live we were hearing from our democratic sources our entire team people were frustrated that campaigns were upset elected officials were upset the heads of the DNC were upset and and they really blamed the local party here in Iowa but the chairmen came out here he took full responsibility he said this is unacceptable it’s interesting we were you know working around Iowa today going around and just little things like going to lunch or grabbing coffee and and people would talk to us we talked to some of the locals they’d say you know do you guys know anything they were curious as well and I think they were upset and I have spoken to some Iowa party officials people who work in democratic politics here and and they’re clearly frustrated because they love being the first in the nation they love the attention they get because maybe the mainstream media doesn’t cover this part of the country as much as they should yes Iowa is not the most diverse state so maybe it’s not the best State for Democrats but it is the middle of the country people here have certain values they have farmers here there’s different industries here so it gave Iowa sort of this this upper hand in the political process you know they had this favorability scale they were able to come here and get attention and if they take away the Iowa the caucus as being the first in the nation it’s gonna be really tough on the voters here and it will change the process because as Alex Castellanos one of our our panelists said yesterday it makes candidates better because they have to come here Lindsay they have to speak but they also have to listen they have to do several events they have to spend time here with real people and they constantly are campaigning over a year it’s not like you can just fly in give a speech and fly out sometimes people do that Donald Trump trying to try to do that he ended up losing the Iowa caucus you actually have to be disciplined you have to be on message and you have to press that flesh meet the Iowans here get to know them and really sell yourself and and the person who wins the Iowa caucus doesn’t always win win the presidential race but at least the focus is here and they hear what people really want the number one issue for Iowans wrap it up for the polls of course was health care Lindsay no doubt the debate is going to continue to ramp up about whether or not Iowa should continue to go first Tom Yama’s in Iowa thank you very much for that the chaos and I was of course raising questions about election integrity heading into 2020 as well and whether enough is being done to keep the ballot box safe from interference or errors and our next guest says that the app Iowa was using last night quote failed spectacularly so let’s now bring in Maurice Turner with the Center for Democracy and technology welcome first of all to ABC News live thank you for joining us thank you let’s be clear the problems of the Iowa hold were not related to hacking but what went wrong here exactly and how could this have been avoided well what we saw were reports of coding errors with the app we heard about people having trouble logging in and just plain user error when it comes to using the app that’s supposed to be used how secure is our election system at this point in your estimation our election systems are far more secure than they were even just two years ago and they are leagues beyond what we saw in 2016 state officials local officials federal agencies have all come together to work to make sure that voters can be confident that their vote won’t be changed but that doesn’t help when we have incidents like this where there is small operational issues and small technical issues early on in the process how attractive is a debacle like this two bad actors realizing that there are vulnerabilities in our voting system this is actually a best-case scenario for malicious actors who are looking to use misinformation to their advantage these small incidents because they are true are able to be wrapped up and spread as viral messages that can go all around Twitter Facebook and other platforms and they’re really hard to control Amory’s before you go just one last question for you what should have been the plan B here should it have just been reduced to a notepad and pen as it as we saw there should have been more testing as part of plan a election technologies need to be accessible to researchers so that security vulnerabilities usability can all be studied and looked at from a third-party perspective so that way we don’t have these issues moving forward all right Maurice Turner thank you so much for your insight and expertise let’s turn now back to Washington where President Trump is preparing to deliver his State of the Union address to Congress he’ll be the second president to give the address under the cloud of impeachment but the first to do so while facing re-election so what will the president’s message be and will he mention impeachment ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl has the very latest from Washington on the eve of his certain acquittal in the Senate White House officials say President Trump won’t talk much if at all about impeachment tonight one Democratic senator says that’s fine with him if he does kind of a some kind of a victory lap on impeachment I don’t think that helps anybody Democrats failed to get a single Republican in the house or the Senate to support impeachment or removal although some condemned the president’s actions it was wrong for president Trump to mention former Vice President Biden on that phone call and it was wrong for him to ask a foreign country to investigate a political rifle Speaker of the House Pelosi will be standing right behind the president just as she was last year the two leaders have not spoken since speaker Pelosi stood up and walked out of a meeting at the White House in October and John Carl joins us now from the White House with more Jon you’ve said that he’s not going to talk about the impeachment what what can we expect from their president as far as message and tone tonight the White House officials tell me Lindsay that he’s gonna have a positive and optimistic tone that he’s gonna be forward-looking that this is about setting the tone for his reelection touting the successes of his administration the economy the trade deal with Mexico and Canada that was signed or in January he’s you know taking out of Qasem Soleimani the the Iranian leader that it’s going to be about his accomplishments but I got to tell you it’s hard to imagine that the president won’t be tempted to say at least something about this impeachment process one that has clearly bothered him Lindsay and one in which he expects full what he will declare full vindication tomorrow when the Senate votes on that acquittal or removal and obviously it will be acquittal right a lot of people certainly listening to hear if there’s gonna be kind of a victory lap with him just maybe hours away from from his certain acquittal thank you John Karl from the White House and remember to keep it right here on ABC News live for full coverage of the State of the Union and the Democratic response it all starts at 8:00 p.m.

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Eastern when we come back it was the case that rivet nation a Dallas officer walking into the wrong apartment killing her neighbor and now for the first time the video the jury never saw the emergency evacuations underway at least 400 Americans evacuating China and we speak with one of them and up next the emotional confrontation a father describes his son’s pain dealing with racism at school and the shocking response from one father [Music] and we certainly do say good morning america morning in Friday night February 7th live the first debate after Iowa and the last debate right before New Hampshire votes the time is now and the stakes are high which Democrats will take to the stage who will emerge and who will face this man in the 2020 election the ABC debate Friday night February 7th live at 8 Eastern 7 central 5:00 Pacific just days before New Hampshire votes on ABC and ABC News live [Applause] [Music] the most powerful stories of our time an entire Nightline ABC news America’s number one news source straightforward news straight to the heart of the story ABC News is straightforward and download the app now and sign up to get important breaking news alerts wherever you are it’s a number one true crime podcast there was a murder in central Ohio the man who committed that crime once sat on death row but now he’s on the run his name is Lester Eubanks now listen as US Marshals gives stunning access in the manhunt to catch a fugitive those nine lives are running out and we’re gonna catch up with Lester to follow the clues can you help us marshals catch this killer have you seen this man have you seen this man have you seen this man listen free now on Apple podcast automatically drumming doesn’t thinking somebody’s in my apartment that isn’t the love there I say let me see your hands keeps moving around that never-before-seen video was obtained by our Dallas station WFAA it’s part of a nearly 50 2-minute interrogation it shows former Dallas police officer amber Giger’s initial police interrogations shortly after shooting and killing 26 year old both of John inside of his own home the jury never saw this video she was convicted of murder and sentenced to 10 years behind bars all right so let’s try to set the scene here for this next story a group of parents they’re at a school diversity inclusion meeting in Michigan a Latino father he has the mic he starts talking about finding his son crying at night after kids were calling him names well that’s what another father then interrupts him and says something that makes the entire room gasp ABC’s Steve osunsami has a story there’s a heated debate tonight among parents and the suburbs of Ann Arbor Michigan over race and immigration and it grew hotter after this meeting with school officials over what the school system says are racist comments posted on social media by classmates Adrienne I realized the father of two former students he was speaking about racism directed at his children when the meeting went south when I went to his bedroom to say good night and he was crying because in this school system and why don’t you stay in Mexico the school district is predominantly white and tomber tell the parent who interrupted was defending students who made the posts this man is a father of a son who is on the receiving end of the racial slurs that got everyone here education what he has to do with that BS hero Ola came to this country for decades ago and now owns three Mexican restaurants Steve osunsami joins us now live Steve I have to say I was watching my TV screen really intently as this was going on and then it just stopped it was like the camera stopped rolling so I was so curious what happened next well the father he continues to defend himself much of this takes place off-camera he was not thrown out of the meeting because as he said he has First Amendment rights just like the students who shared some of these offending posts on social media and you know it must be said he speaks for a number of people in his community and across the country who are having similar conversations I will say this though the school district is responding we’ve been trying to reach them all day long and they finally sent us a statement here this evening just a short while ago calling the comments from the father who made that who issued that question racist and in their statement they said yes by February 3rd an individual in the Saleen community made racist remarks at a forum directed at one of the directed at one of the parents in our community this type of bigotry goes against all of the values and beliefs in our school system the school system also says they’re continuing to chase this issue and they want to make sure that both the parents and the students who are in this school district know that they are respected and that this is an inclusive environment you know that had the potential to go left very quickly but you know people even though they were really shocked they stayed really cool and and come in that room our thanks to you for bringing us that story Steve oh dude you want to make a point go ahead Steve III I did there’s one other point you just said made a point that I think is important to underline that this went left in a hurry but one of the things to note in the video Lindsay is that you hear white parents calling this other parent out right see other people in the community responding to this and essentially saying that this is not acceptable and that’s something that we should underline right that this was not okay thank you very much Steve once again and still ahead one town’s journey to redemption later in the show a black basketball team’s sideline during the segregation era their trophies and their story hidden until now and today’s tweet of the day comes from shadow Inc the company behind the app causing so many problems in Iowa leading quote we sincerely regret the delay and the reporting of the results of last night’s Iowa caucuses and the uncertainty it has caused to the candidates they campaigns and Democratic caucus-goers will be right back in a moment stay with us what you’re seeing right now this is part of the eyewall procession of migrants go there’s a back to mild air is going to be catastrophic damage fire is made a run to see those flames shooting up into the sky we are on the jam-packed or red carpet weekend [Applause] watch NBC News on location for Facebook watch what’s the most innovative Daily News podcast out there to listen to every day well the Edward Armour awards say its start here The Daily News podcast from ABC News even the New York Times calls us a top news podcast worth listening to and so if you like getting behind the biggest news stories of the day inside all the details the back story and what will happen next and listen it to start here the daily news broadcast from ABC News it’s like no other news podcast out there even the critics agree listen free on apple podcasts this is what being live is all about this ABC News live the 24/7 streaming resource of ABC News break news live events streaming non-stop original breakthrough storytelling from ABC News National Geographic yes and it’s all designed differently for you to stream straight to any screen whenever you want ABC News live streaming everywhere right to you ABC News live it’s that easy to go there [Music] [Music] this was your night I’m kind of a mess I’m just kind of getting everything sorted and got the I gotta get ready to go I’m excited but at the same time I am tired and worried yeah got this this week has been stressful and we have to be prepared we have to find transportation I know what’s gonna happen so that’s not gonna surprise me it’s just the the whole I’m not gonna not be stressed out until I’m on the plane and I’m really excited to go back home [Music] thinking of where we going where we going playing three excited yeah five years that’s a long time a long time five years excited to go back home that was Priscilla Dicky and videos that she sent to us she’s an American whose family is stuck in China right now but Priscilla and her daughter will be heading back to the States after resolving the issue that had held them back her daughter’s passport was with her husband in another part of the country so many others still left behind now a look at the coronavirus by the numbers our daily look at the numbers behind the news we start with 20,000 630 that’s the latest figure from the World Health Organization on confirmed global cases of coronavirus Chinese authorities have reported 490 deaths with the second death outside of mainland China reported in Hong Kong overnight 27 countries and territories around the globe currently have confirmed cases of the illness when travel restrictions continue to spread at least 54 airlines have suspended or reduced service to China including all three US airlines with flights to the country while some 3,700 passengers and crew on board the diamond Princess cruise ship were quarantined and screened off the coast of Japan after concerns about coronavirus China has made a rare admission about his handling of the disease saying in a report in response to the shortcomings and deficiencies we must improve our national emergency management system and improve our abilities and handling urgent and dangerous tasks the stunning image take a look at that there from Wuhan of countless rows of hospital beds set up at a convention center turned makeshift hospital shows the scope of the challenge they’re dealing with there and tomorrow on this show we’re going to be giving you a more in-depth look at the corona virus and see just what exactly life is like in the middle of the pandemic millions of people living under quarantine fearful of a killer that nobody can see we’ll have a full report right here on ABC News live and still to come candidates are now trying to move beyond Iowa we’ll have a live report from one now rally next and there is Bernie Sanders speaking live in New Hampshire right now we are back in just a moment stay with us you ready [Music] [Applause] show all the time [Music] [Applause] Friday nights and I need central true-crime the cinematic real-life drama is stunning the unthinkable and follow the clues the hunt 20:28 Friday nights United central on ABC the world may feel out of your control but your happiness doesn’t have to be learn the secrets to happiness listen to the 10% happier podcast free on apple podcasts okay imagine the morning I’m talking about a good morning imagine starting a day off with friends what’s better than that you know like the crazy smart friend who always keeps you in the know the friend with a huge heart and smiled who just makes everything better imagine hearing from people who open your eyes and your heart imagine knowing what’s coming next in the day ahead well I get to live this each morning together with you imagine that how blessed am i and that’s what makes it such a good morning america ABC News honored winner of for Edward our Murrow awards including the most prestigious on her overall excellence in television ABC News America’s number one news choice [Applause] [Music] Pacific on ABC breaking news context analysis with today’s extraordinary news cycle now is the perfect time for ABC News live a streaming news game-changer at the time is now for ABC News live and getting streaming everywhere [Music] what happened last night is simply unacceptable it’s nearly a day late but the Iowa democratic party has released partial caucus results the one thing I want you to know we know this data is accurate this doesn’t seem wildly off from the expectations but they are unofficial numbers they are incomplete numbers at this hour and again with only 62% reporting and no time line outlined about how long it will be before we see the rest it’s impossible to know if this order of finish or these percentages are going to be the final ones in Iowa president Trump heading to Capitol Hill tonight to deliver his annual State of the Union address talking inside the chamber that just six weeks ago voted to impeach him that trial in the Senate likely lingering over his speech tonight after both sides concluded their closing arguments Monday tomorrow senators will vote either to acquit or remove the president from office the president expected to use the address as a relaunch of his 20/20 campaign and one thing we’re told not to expect I’ve seen the speech but I’ve not seen the word [Music] the second coronavirus outside of mainland China in the virus’s epicenter of Wuhan that brand new hospital that was built in just eight days has opened its doors admitting patients it has capacity for a thousand patients but it’s still not enough Chinese officials even using drones in Queens you to spray disinfectant and speak to people living in the lockdown zone the Department of Defense was tasked to provide how before and that was in evacuees to have the quarantine that’s probably good thing but so close to my home the investigators piecing together why a vehicle plowed into students in a suburban Oklahoma City neighborhood killing two students and injuring four others it happened shortly after classes were finished a group of cross-country track students from Moore high school running on the sidewalk struck by a red pickup truck barreling down the street and we just looked over and we saw people laying in the street police say the suspect 57 year old max Leroy Townsend was caught three blocks away seen here being given a field sobriety test been taken into custody senior Rachel Freeman died at the scene yesterday this morning sophomore eridium Martinez who had been hospitalized in critical condition died today from her injuries this weekend in warrens 28 year old son was killed in this rollover wreck tonight newly released police body camera footage shows the moment a fresno officer handcuffed a teen with autism who was having a seizure the officer was responding to a nine one one call he allegedly put the teen in handcuffs because he claims he was trying to prevent him from hurting others the boy’s mother is outraged tonight the incident is being reviewed by Fresno police internal affairs ABC News has obtained a home surveillance video appearing to show a boy and his stepmother leaving the house the day he disappeared she returned home hours later alone the 11 year old from Colorado has been missing now for more than a week the video was captured by their neighbor’s home security camera authorities tell us that they are looking at the video as the search for the little boy now intensifies and in California prosecutors have dropped the charges in a high-profile case against a surgeon who once appeared on a dating show the doctor and his girlfriend were accused of drugging and sexually assaulting women another live look at New Hampshire where Joe Biden is set to take the stage any moment we’ll keep an eye on that and as you heard in the rundown the state of Iowa has now apologized for its major blunder on the national stage and reporting the caucus results last night Troy Price the Iowa democratic party chair he had the daunting task of walking up on that stage in front of the entire country and trying to explain why nearly 24 hours later we are still trying to definitively determine who won in Iowa so as the momentum of the campaign heads to New Hampshire and the clock runs out on Iowa‘s 15 minutes of fame the candidates reacted in real-time Bernie Sanders just addressing his supporters within the past 10 minutes we’re proud to tell you that last night in Iowa we received more votes on the first and second round than any other candidate that the three of us will be dividing up most of the delegates coming out of Iowa I’m feeling good so we don’t know precisely how many Telex we have or how many we’ll get but I feel really good about getting more than our fair share now it’s time for New Hampshire to speak speak loudly and I am now in the top five [Applause] and it validates for a kid somewhere in the community wondering he belongs or she belongs or they belong in their own family then if you believe in yourself and your country there’s a lot backing up that police that what some of the candidates had to say as their campaigns now move forward now let’s see what ABC’s Rachel Scott has to say she has moved on to new hampshire rachel last night we talked to you in Iowa about how the more moderate candidates like pete buddha judge might do in the caucus you’re there at his latest campaign event it seems like he’s pretty much already declaring victory yes Lindsay a victory lap indeed for mayor Pete Buddha Jed tonight from these very early results it’s a very early left from him and he’s calling it as some of the best news that he has heard in this campaign so far and you know when I was on his campaign bus in Iowa when he was Criss crossing the state he told me the best way to settle who can beat President Trump in 2020 is to do well in the Iowa caucuses and tonight regardless of not having the full picture regardless of still waiting for results he will be taking a victory lap the momentum from his last event caring to this event here today lines were stretched outside of this building but for the moderates in this race this was really a battle over 31 counties those are the areas that voted for both President Obama and President Trump and in the final days mayor Pete Budaj edge was really honing in on his message they’re making his pitch as a lect Abul candidate when electability is so important to Iowa voters remember they’re not just looking to set the tone for the next contest they also have the battle scars from the 2016 election they remember that President Trump won 93 out of 99 counties something that they’re not looking to repeat mere people to judge in that final stretch was also going after former Vice President Joe Biden turns out he is just two minutes two minutes two miles away from where we are right now making his own pitch this is all going to see how we how this rape shapes up that is the big question lingering over this tonight luckily we only have 7 short or long days depending on how much coffee you had Lindsay to find out the New Hampshire primary is a week away if you here before you know it thank you Rachel Scott live from New Hampshire all right let’s bring in our powerhouse political team to the conversation ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd and democracy for America CEO and ABC News contributor Yvette Simpson so Matt let’s start with you why does finding out a day later that you want to state not have as much value if the victory is delayed say 24 hours well the whole thing about Iowa is that Iowa actually if you do well our surprise like people who judge seems to have done then it gives you a launching point to raise money and to do better in other primaries that you haven’t been campaigning in if that’s the theory and that’s normally what’s panned out in the past what’s happened this time is basically one day was cut off we’ve moved now to a if they announce partial results today in the midst of the president’s State of the Union so he has the State of the Union we’re all covering tonight and then and then they vote on impeachment tomorrow and then we have ABC debate on Friday so I think there’s gonna be very little momentum out of this and which is a doubt which is a downside to somebody like Pete Buddha judge who needed in this so it’s almost as if a caucus was held but it’s gonna have no real fundamental effect on the found the following states right to the dismay have many of the candidates any event even before this blunder there were already people who didn’t drink any helium how does this feed into that undermine the integrity of the democratic process are you there with us Yvette yes I think we were having some technical difficulties I’m here now hi Lindsey thank you for joining us you know I wanted to just get a sense that there are already people who didn’t trust the system how does this feed into that and how does that potentially undermine the integrity of the democratic process now you know you think about 2016 and Russian interference people not believing that their votes are going to count and then you get off the block in Iowa and it’s a technical glitch coming from the democratic party it really is not the way you want to start this contest well it’s early and so we’re asking people to be patient the good news is that there was some backup paper their vote they’re counting the votes now and we expect to get a result soon and Nevada is able to learn from this and so we expect that Nevada to be a little bit more clean than what we saw here in Iowa and you got the start we want it for sure of course not the story that many anticipated events just staying with you for a moment and many people have already pushed back on the tradition of always starting with Iowa first do you think that last night’s debacle could end that tradition ultimately honestly I think for sure you know 191 percent of Iowa caucus goers are white we know that doesn’t reflect the reflect the diversity of our country of our party and so people had already had an objection to that you got Iowa and Nevada doing caucuses you’ve got South Carolina and New Hampshire doing primaries you really need consistency and when things like this happen in Iowa it starts to make us believe we should probably have more consistency in the early days and so it’s really really important for us to get this right this is the most important election in our generation and we cannot be the reason that this doesn’t work out and Matt you’ve said that to clear winners were Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg from last night’s Iowa caucus how so well I think Donald Trump it lives and breathes in chaos and because the dial a caucus went so badly it was such a debacle that that benefits him and he’s going to go from that debacle among the Democrats of chaos to a State of the Union address which we all understand he’s supposed to be delivered in a calm clear way we’ll see what happens tonight so that benefits him and Michael blow Michael Bloomberg who skipped Iowa spent no dollars put no staff and is betting on his ability to skip all the first round and then emerge and spend a lot of money in the later rounds when all the rich delegates are in place that helps him in this so so if there was a winner through the first 24 hours our winners it was Donald Trump he loves chaos and this is very chaotic and Michael Bloomberg who didn’t want I want to have give anybody much momentum and it didn’t really give anybody momentum so of two winners those are the two winners from yesterday and I want to toss this question out to both of you Biden not likely placing in the top three in Iowa what does that say about his electability and his momentum going for any bet we’ll start with you yeah quite simply you can’t say you’re the most electable if you don’t win a contest I think what he’s hoping for is that you can get through New Hampshire and then South Carolina and Super Tuesday when you get more black and brown voters he expects to get a surge that’s the opposite of what people who digit is going through he really needed a win here in Iowa he needs a win in New Hampshire and when you get to black and brown voters in South Carolina and Super Tuesday he is not going to be able to win the day so it’ll be interesting to see once we get through the fourth contest how all of this works out and Matt your thoughts I mean I think it’s very problematic for Joe Biden he started as the lead candidate raised raised a lot of money he’s that he was a vice president under the most popular president in the last Democratic president in the last 50 years Barack Obama US Senator for a lengthy period of time he finished his fourth that looks like in Iowa if he doesn’t win New Hampshire which I don’t think is expected he has to compete well in Nevada and he has to do well in South Carolina but I’m gonna just recall one thing in 1992 Bill Clinton didn’t win the for his first primary until five primaries or caucuses in in and he only won one of the first eleven and so this is a lot of more time left in this race to see who’s going to emerge all right that’s good perspective thank you so much to both of you Yvette Simpson and Matthew Dowd next to that disturbing hit-and-run incident in Oklahoma involving a driver in a pickup truck hitting six high school runners and then driving away two of those teens were killed the others hospitalized some now in critical condition we’re learning more about the driver whose son died in that car accident ABC’s Victor Kenda joins us live in a moment but first here’s a look at what happened tonight the driver of this red pickup truck is facing manslaughter charges after plowing into a group of students on a sidewalk just after school let out Monday in Moore Oklahoma police say 57 year-old max Townsend barreled into six members of the high school cross country team killing two we just looked over and we saw people laying in the street senior Rachel Freeman a rising star in the sport pronounced dead on the scene her teammate sophomore year Radia Martinez was pulled from this nearby pond and died from her injuries this morning some other students actually jumped in the water hello there there were several that jumped in the water they started life-saving measures on her immediately they’re doing a surprise dance on his driver right now police say Townsend showed signs of impairment during his field sobriety test and are waiting on the results of a blood test authorities say he has a history of duis adding to the tragedy this weekend in Moore Townsend zone twenty eight-year-old son was killed in this rollover wreck and Victor joins us now live from Oklahoma City at the students school give us a sense Victor of about the the suspects past and what police are now saying yeah Lindsey I did ask police about max Townsend’s background they told me he has an extensive criminal history including DUI leaving the scene of accidents and drug possession I asked if he should be on the roads at all they told me that is part of their investigation tonight he is being held on a million dollar bond we’re here inside the gym at Moore High School in Moore Oklahoma it was actually pretty packed earlier they were holding a vigil for the victims three of those students are still in the hospital one of them is still in critical condition Lindsey I thought certainly with those families thank you to you Victor turning now to the buzz surrounding the documentary the cave the NatGeo film is up for an Oscar this weekend and shows the conflict of the Syrian war from a female doctors perspective that doctors underground hospital saved thousands in our ariel russia sat down with her shortly after she arrived in the US she’s the doctor at the center of national Geographics haunting oscar-nominated documentary the cave follows the subterranean struggle of doctor Imani bull or the first female physician to run a hospital in war-ravaged Syria a region so dangerous according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights more than half a million people have been killed since the beginning of the Syrian civil war the Lord taking viewers on a chilling journey to a makeshift medical center beneath her besieged Damascus suburb of a luta where she and her colleagues secretly treated thousands of men women and children tormented by daily bombardment I decided to stay so the doctor straight out of medical school stayed as her hometown was decimated targeted by the Syrian regime in a brutal chemical weapons attack the lure sitting down with ABC News just hours after arriving in the US for the first time this is your first interview beyond the documentary here in the United States what do you want the world to know I want them to know that we we are civilians and we we want to live as other humans just in dignity and freedom the now 32 year old saying she was reticent to allow cameras to follow her it’s very dangerous because the Assad regime and his allies were targeting hospitals and people are angry of the cameras and my community didn’t accept that to see a camera follow women I was hopeless at that time that no one will care about us no one will do anything for us to help us so I wanted this story to stay to tell the truth about what happened in Syria and what is still happening now bleuer ultimately risking her life to bear witness this is our testimony on the crimes against humanity why was it so important to tell your truth through this documentary this is important now because everything you saw in the cave is still happening now and we want to end this to stop funding super proud of you Fiona and the situation underground made all the more complex by deeply rooted rejection of a woman in the workplace an ocean below thought to change how did you deal with some of the misogyny in your environment I believe that there is no difference between between men and women we were working together in the hospital we witness everything together so there’s no difference this is the more pressure on me I wanted I was the manager of the hospital I wanted to prove to them that women can do that because I was the first one and if I failed in this position that would affect all the women they will talk about all the women that they can’t this is an example for six painstaking years the aspiring pediatrician withstood societal pressure sleep deprivation trauma and heartbreak caring for her patients with compassion don’t say limited Betty [Music] oona the professional and silly [Music] I seem to remember me [Music] one of the things in watching the cave that struck me is your composure and humanity despite what was happening around you how did you maintain that throughout I tried to save to save people to help them that’s why I wanted to stay because I wanted to help and I tried to focus on my world but of course it wasn’t easy the lore forced to abandon her covert practice and flee in 2018 now living in Turkey granted a visa to enter the United States just in time for the Oscars what do you think it would be like to hear the cave called out over the speaker at the Oscars it’s really a pride and honor to hear that to all the people know what happened in the cave is a story it’s my reality it’s nothing movie her mission stretching far beyond the concealed cavernous hospital she helps sustain dr.



Balu hoping to shine a light on the hundreds of thousands killed and millions displaced in her country during the nearly nine years award I tried to support myself to be their voice now because they are voiceless they need someone to talk about them to talk about the suffering so many have referred to you as a hero do you believe you’re a hero I’m human I believe in humanity and that’s why I did what I did because I believed in humanity erielle reshef ABC News our thanks to Ariel for sharing that story when we come back it is never too late to say I’m sorry one town’s journey righting a wrong of segregation you [Applause] [Music] the most powerful stories of our time an entire night line in DC Friday night February 7th live the first debate after Iowa and the last debate right before New Hampshire votes the time is now and the stakes are high which Democrats will take to the stage who will emerge and who will face this man in the 2020 election the ABC debate Friday night February 7th live at 8 Eastern 7 central 5:00 Pacific just days before New Hampshire votes on ABC and ABC News live the Americans here on the ground [Music] this Missouri we say we did say Good Morning America a lot of sniffles around here this morning we could feel it in here big morning in times I don’t want to miss that this is gonna be good [Music] [Applause] show all the time [Music] [Applause] I’m Pacific that’s a wrap welcome back that is a live look at the capital ahead of tonight’s State of the Union our coverage starts at the top of the hour so keep it right here but before we go a community comes to terms with its past wrongs and tries to make it right ABC’s will Carr has more for more than four decades the Douglas Tigers dominated opponents on the basketball court their picture spanning from the 1940s to the 1960s show young teenagers with a true love for the game the images are black and white the memories are far more murky Douglass was a segregated all-black high school in Kingsport Tennessee a quiet town nestled into the Holston River that at the time was split by race much like the rest of the country in the south Jim Crow laws mandated that blacks segregate themselves in public many forced to drink out of separate water fountains and even eat in separate parts of restaurants well there were a lot of people places we couldn’t go or there were things that we couldn’t do movies theaters we had to sit upstairs we could not sit on the first floor in the late 50s in early 60s maxie Dobbins Johnson played guard on the high school girls team winning trophy after trophy competing against other all-black schools the boys team even won a state championship before the school shut down in 1966 many of their trophies disappeared they were placed inside the pristine cases in Dobbins Bennett the all-white high school across town that big tall one was right here that trophy stood out like a sore thumb for decades students and alumni assumed that trophy had been earned by white athletes during the segregation era it was painful to see that he was painful to walk by and know that it was just sitting there by itself Calvin Sneed the Douglass high school historian discovered the mistake Snee then found dozens of the lost Douglass trophies stuffed in cardboard boxes inside a dusty closet on the Dobyns Bennett campus those trophies needed to come home players know what happened to our trophies and to find them was a blessing then Chris pulled the current head coach of the Dobyns Bennett boys team found out about the trophies and the athletes they really belonged to the basketball team and they took hand-me-down jerseys from Dobyns Bennett and they would dye them in their school colors according to the old-timers during games that dye would bleed onto the court the our guys couldn’t fathom living in those times and that just shows that we’ve come a long way so the city pledged to remember the men and women who played for a school long forgotten we realized that we had a very rich history in both our high schools that history includes 94 year-old William Hickman it’s this guy look familiar yeah that’s you it says that you were the captain of the football team and the coke captain of the basketball team what position did you play forward I never did school that minute once but I rebound over 93 year old richard Watterson on the other hand had a knack for the net you made a lot of points did it feel special to you to be part of that team do you harbor any animosity against the people who discriminated against you why is that more than 70 years later Watterson and all the others moving a little slower than they once did on the court finally got the full recognition from their community they’ve always deserved all invited to a trophy presentation at the Dobbins Bennet basketball games over the weekend for one special night the current players even traded in their normal brain maroon jerseys for the original Douglas colors sky blue and gold this has an african-american teacher and coach myself it helps me pay homage to what what those have come before us I have done that acknowledgement scored big with the former Douglas players a long time coming but I’m glad it has arrived so it’s just realizing that we are all valued we are all important and we all need to live together I think that’s great advised today more than 50 years after the Douglas Tigers won their last game their accomplishments and the stories behind them are now on full display the past has to be acknowledged you can’t know your history until you look back and see where you’ve come from in Kingsport Tennessee our thanks to will for that story those trophy is back with their rightful owners so that is our show for this hour stay tuned to ABC News live for more context and analysis of the day’s top stories I’m Lindsay Davis our state of the union coverage starts next thanks for streaming with us


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