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now joe biden has just put out a commercial trying to turn the tables on you on the question of football let’s watch it good weather by opening day standard we are going to be in the 60s enjoy the game and now to honor america please join in the singing [Music] why is football so important especially for the the big ten all these moms players want them to play and then they’re not able to play are they safer playing than not it shows you the lie of the democrats i’m the one that says play football i said they’re young strong people they’re not going to have a problem with covid or the china virus or whatever you want to call it i’m the one and they didn’t like my narrative so they just made up in there because if you look michigan is closed all of these states that are closed north carolina is closed these states that are closed are run by democrats and the reason they’re closed is because we have an election on november 3rd and they don’t want the opening of the states and they don’t want the income they want to keep it nice and close but you take a look at what the states that are closed it’s terrible what they’ve done and those people and you know you discuss it a lot so do i there’s a lot of death depression uh drug addiction on the other side when you keep it closed i think you’re losing more people than it’s terrible what you’re doing to people than when you open it so i’m the football guy i’m the one that wants to have football i put it out all the time i’m very upset with big ten big ten they should have opened it but i’m the one that wants the football everybody knows it they saw that and they said trump didn’t these people just you know they have players suing now to play and their parents are really upset michigan state penn we’ll look state ohio state they could have been the national champions this year ohio state absolutely and there are a number of them in that category but look at pennsylvania you have a democrat governor you have a democrat in north carolina you have a democrat in michigan they’re all democrats those are the states and i do believe the governors are telling those colleges we don’t want it yeah that’s an important point for americans to understand you think that the governors are putting their foot down saying uh the sec they’re going to try to play you know acc is playing but no way political mr president is this political the governor of pennsylvania the governor of michigan the governor of north carolina they control those teams directly or indirectly because they have to you know so much money so much aid so many other things including traffic signs and everything else that they have to give those governors control those schools it’s all done by democrats but just to show you how how they lie and how they cheat and the biggest problem you have i want football back by the way are you watching i want football okay joe biden doesn’t even know football joe biden look joe doesn’t know he’s alive but let’s see how it all turns out okay let’s see how it all turns out it’s a very sad thing i will say this we have tremendous potential we closed it up we’re opening it up we’re doing record numbers as you saw over nine million people employed now over the last three months it’s a record of the history of our country we have a chance of having one of the best years we’ve ever had next year unless somebody comes in and wants to raise your taxes put back on regulations you know i’m not sure i gave the biggest tax decrease in the history of our country and we’re going down lower but i’m not sure i think that the regulation cuts that i did which were the biggest in the history of our country might have been even more important than the tax cuts you said that joe biden is china’s candidate to win they want him badly but you said well at your rnc speech he said oh i know that but i’m not going to tell you why without compromising national security tell us a little bit more about that well number one uh you look at a son walking away with a billion and a half dollars joe is is he doesn’t even criticize john i’ve never heard him even criticize china he was the one that said oh china is wonderful china is this china is that china’s not the enemy they’re not the problem i’ve taken billions and billions tens of billions of dollars out of china he’s taking the tariffs off that’s for sure china oh the tariffs are going to come off we’re taking in billions of dollars on tariffs that would destroy us because it gives them such an unfair competitive advantage no we’re taking in billions they don’t want me i get along very well with president xi although i must tell you since the covet situation i have not exactly been talking to them too much could you make them pay for that well we they are paying a lot now but how could they pay specifically what they’ve done to us in terms of the death of people and i’m not talking about justice i’m talking about the world you can never pay for that what they’ve done to this country what they’ve done to the world you can never just in terms of death economically at some point maybe you can catch up but you’re talking about a lot of good trade deals i made an unbelievable trade deal they and frankly they ordered more corn last week than any time at any time in the history of this country are they taking advantage of this pandemic with what they’ve done to hong kong what they’re trying to do in the philippines maybe choking off some of the south china sea are they taking it i think that i think that they’re hurt much worse than people think they’re having a very hard time in china china is going very bad inside the real numbers their manufacturing they say has gotten back to par it’s not and they’re doing very poorly china is doing very poorly and they lost tens of thousands of people they lost more than any other country they just don’t report it you know how do you import everything and by the way i saw a statistic come out the other day talking about only six percent of the people actually died from covet which is a very interest that they die for uh from well they had comorbidities which you’ve gotten criticized for because there are comorbidities as the italians showed for every kova death i think of 70 something percent had two or three comorbidities but the covet might ultimately have been the key morbidity to hit them but bottom line but it’s an interesting statistic mr president you’re still having fun doing this i’m having a good time because we’re doing a job like just about nobody else has ever done and and i said it before i’ll say it again and nobody even challenges me on it i this administration despite all of the fake russia russia russia and hoaxes and impeachments we’ve done more in this administration than any president in the history of our country if you look at our military’s rebuilt if you look at choice for the vets and if you look at accountability for the vets and i protected the second amendment which by the way if they got in your second amendment is gone your taxes are tripled your second amendment is gone your religious liberty forget it they’re keeping the churches closed on purpose you have churches that still aren’t open but you’re allowed to go to a casino it’s a terrible thing that’s happening because a lot of people don’t know how funny you are but you’re one of the funnier people that i know but you’re also in a very serious time so this is a very serious this isn’t time for games and you know if people say g he’s come comes across as a little bit rough or a little bit direct i don’t have time not to be i really don’t have much time not to be we have to get things done and we’re getting them done like no president has ever despite the obstruction because they are obstructors despite the tremendous obstruction we’re getting them done like nobody’s ever done before and that makes me happy mr president it’s always great to see you thank you so much

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