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Four dead after Trump supporters ransack Congress πŸ”΄ @BBC News live - BBC | JPNN.usFour dead after Trump supporters ransack Congress πŸ”΄ @BBC News live - BBC |

good morning welcome to breakfast with naga manchetti and charlie state our headlines today death violence and chaos in washington dc four people die as president trump’s supporters storm america’s capital building the rioters were trying to stop u.s lawmakers approving the results of the presidential election it’s not protest it’s insurrection amid widespread condemnation of the violence we’ll bring you the latest from washington with the developments and reaction from politicians and witnesses family doctors begin offering the new oxford astra zenica coveted vaccine as part of the biggest program of its kind in nhs history as millions of households get to grips with the return of online schooling we look at the efforts to help families without the laptops and computers they need to learn and i’m looking at the millions of school meals going to waste good morning the last minute decision not to fully reopen primaries means most meals have been given away or thrown out a look at what can be done and the impact on suppliers and good morning manchester city are heading back to wembley they’re through to a fourth league cup final in a row after beating their city rivals manchester united good morning we’ve got a band of rain slate and snow moving out of southern scotland in northern ireland into northern england and north wales through the course of the day ahead of it there’s some ice to watch out for and some freezing fog patches and behind it for the wintry showers and the risk of ice too but i’ll have more details in about 10 minutes good morning it’s thursday the 7th of january our top story four people have died in violent clashes at the heart of america’s democracy where congress had been meeting to approve the results of the u.s presidential election donald trump supporters stormed the u.s congress building one woman was shot and three other people had what are described as medical emergencies more than 50 people were arrested and 14 police officers were injured let’s go straight to our washington correspondent deborah deska who’s inside the capitol building now that’d be very good morning to you it is a much calmer scene this morning of course but this began with a protest and then a number of people storming the building tell us more yeah i was actually uh standing at this very spot charlie doing a live on air when we saw policemen coming in and they said that we needed to uh move and and shelter away from where we were we were moved into a tunnel wasn’t quite clear what had was going on but then we heard that the capitol building had been breached this happened shortly after donald trump had given a speech in which he encouraged his supporters to come up from just outside the white house up the road here to the capitol buildings and essentially and make their protests heard they certainly did that but not in a way anyone could have really predicted or expected really quite shocking scenes we saw tear gas employed uh having to be employed uh in the capitol buildings this is the seat of democracy uh in america we saw demonstrators jumping on uh the platforms in the uh uh on the floor of congress they’re a demonstrator that broke into nancy pelosi that is the democratic leader of the house of representatives putting his feet on her table taking pictures there people smashing windows incredibly scary scenes really to watch we by that time had moved to a cafeteria where we were being kept along with some other people the whole building was on lockdown at that point and you could hear audible gasps at the beginning when people saw these scenes that were happening outside the building you know we were watching them on tv as they were taking place uh as the hours ticked by we we really were stunned by what was going on it really has been quite uh shocking in terms of what’s taken place and as you said four people have died today and amongst the images that we’re seeing this morning there are some images from within the chamber which so guns being drawn presumably by the uh the police inside as the protesters are coming into the building and we see people abseiling climbing down the inside of the chamber yeah i mean there is quite a striking photo of two security officers uh holding guns trying to stop people breaking into uh the chambers breaking onto the floor uh a couple of the women that i was speaking to when we were watching what was happening from inside the cafeteria actually work on the uh the floor of the house and they were saying they’re not even allowed to touch those desks they were shocked appalled and really quite um hurt actually by the level of disrespect they said for this uh seat of democracy in the united states i spoke to somebody else who works for a member of the house of representatives he said he had to help him take cover and he accused donald trump of really attacking the democracy of his country well you describe the very shocking scenes what happened subsequently was of course that those people who had been working there and voting and going through the democratic process took cover but then take us through the events that unfolded later because the process has carried on yeah it was really interesting hearing the reactions to what was happening at first donald trump put out some quite defiant tweets that were then taken down by twitter we then had this very uh stern uh address from joe biden the president-elect saying that this was really an attack on on everything that is american essentially but you also then started to have republicans so everybody from former president george w bush to even mike pence and allies like mike pompeo saying that what had happened was outrageous un-american and and should not have happened at all so you had this moment when nancy pelosi she leads the democrats in the in the house and again other republicans said look we are going to get this job done the the demonstrators or the protesters rioters as they really were um had tried to stop us doing our job and we’re not going to have it mitch mcconnell who is the lead a senator uh for the republicans called the protesters unhinged and said that they had tried to essentially subvert democracy and he wasn’t going to have it and the response that they have had is to continue with the job in hand so they have continued with the process they are determined to finish the certification process this evening um there have been a couple of objections put forward only one that we’ve seen them break and and discuss uh that had the requisite support for that in both chambers we are hearing just on one agency at the moment ap that senators have decided not to uphold that objection so it obviously it doesn’t hold because you need both houses to uphold that you mentioned the comments by donald trump and that was on his twitter account uh that his his accounts now have been closed down uh so we haven’t heard no comment from him directly via twitter but uh has there been any other statement from the president nothing really i i mean the video that there was a video that was uh taped in in the white house i think it was where he uh said that he finally told his protesters to go home but also kind of said that this is what happened and when kind of repeating the the claims that we’ve heard the incorrect claims claims that there is no evidence of about this being a fraudulent election and kind of implying that his uh the protesters or his supporters were pushed to this that is something that has been pretty strongly rebutted by his own party i mean the republicans own chief of communications saying that this is domestic terrorism what happens so it’s difficult to see where donald trump goes from here i’m sure it must be very frustrating for him not being able to speak directly to his audience but certainly his party is making its feelings clear thank you very much now boris johnson has joined politicians from around the world by condemning the disgraceful scenes of writers in washington dc in a tweet the prime minister called for a peaceful and orderly transfer of power labour leader kirsten alma described the violent protests as a direct attack on democracy scotland’s first minister nicolas sturgeon called the events utterly horrifying time now is nine minutes past six the oxford astrozenic vaccine is being rolled out to general practice in england for the first time today so far all the jabs have been administered in hospitals well now the program is due to be expanded to hundreds of community-based sites over the next few weeks here’s more from our health correspondent dominic hughes you had your first vaccine here three weeks ago yes already more than a million people have received their first vaccinations against the coronavirus but the target of reaching 13 million of the most vulnerable by mid-february is going to be tough to hit unlike the fisa vaccine which needs to be stored at ultra low temperatures the oxford jab can be kept in regular fridges that every gp surgery has it’s also much easier to move and so better suited for use in care homes and for those who can’t leave the house gps say they’re ready to start administering the jab despite some frustrations over supply i just think we need we need some explanations why has there been this holed up why are some practices getting it and others like mine not being given the vaccine why doesn’t someone tell us what is going on in england seven big vaccination centers are opening over the next week jabs will become available in more than 200 gp surgeries in hospitals as well as through a pilot scheme involving local pharmacies amid the grim news of rising infections the pressures on hospitals and a growing death toll this is another ray of hope for the coming months dominic hughes bbc news the weekly clap for carers which began during the first lockdown is to return tonight under a new name of clap for heroes it’s aimed at recognizing carers teachers homeschooling parents and all front-line workers the idea of clapping and banging pots from doorsteps originally began as a one-off to support nhs staff three days after the uk went into lockdown for the first time so those images from back in march which seems like a very long time it was a long time ago mind your time is all kind of a bit warped i think at the moment isn’t it see the headlines as they happen and watch bbc news live in the app and get the full story with bbc dot co dot uk forward slash news follow the story for all the latest with bbc news

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