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here with tom yamas here in the studios i see that crowd there tom i think back to that day in june of 2015 when donald trump came down his own escalator among a crowd announced he was running for president more than five years ago in these final 14 days of his presidency crowds on the capitol steps incited by president trump over an election he lost you know george there was a point while covering the campaign and then later covering the presidency and watching the news stories where i would say nothing surprises me anymore up until this moment right here this has surprised me this goes completely against the maga movement make america great again a lot of times they were protesting against anarchists what would they call this they’ve breached the capital this is anarchy in the making yes you have the right to protest but the rules have been broken now the lines have been blurred going back to that campaign jeb bush who didn’t last a long time in that campaign said president said trump would be the chaos candidate and the chaos president and that’s exactly what’s happened he was a chaos candidate he turned into a a chaos president we covered all the things he said all the things he did the way he governed but to end the presidency like this and again i said i say i’m surprised but i really shouldn’t be because after he loses the election he blames that the election was rigged without facts after he loses in georgia the two senate races last night we’re now talking about what’s happening in the capitol right now it’s from crisis to crisis and that’s been the entire presidency so far and i also wonder about the republicans tonight that that we’re making the objections george you know if you take a cynical view of politics you’ll say a politician’s first day in office is to get reelected there are a lot of republican senators who put a lot of political gamble into president trump and raising these objections tonight and they’re also responsible for what we’re seeing at the capitol and i wonder how this plays out in in two weeks in two years and four years tom yamas thanks very much mary bruce we know the leadership has been evacuated to secure locations perhaps inside the capitol are you getting anything more and i understand if it’s hard to get anything now from your sources about where where they believe the situation stands what they are doing to get it under control yeah george well we don’t obviously know where leadership has been whisked off to they are keeping that uh pretty tightly tightly closed because for safety reasons of course um what many lawmakers uh have are still on the capitol premise of though of course uh we have learned we should say that the vice president-elect kamala harris is safe we are told she of course was on the hill as well uh to observe these proceedings today and i have to say we’re learning also from the pool reporter that’s the pool that we set up to share information during uh this pandemic has reported that protesters are near are on the third floor of the senate they are now walking door to door shouting where the blank are they as they go looking through offices we’ve also learned that from the pool reporter that one of the protesters breached the senate chamber was up on the diocese yelling that quote trump won that election a site that is just hard to imagine and yet this is what is happening right now and we also are getting some reaction from republicans mitt romney who of course has not shied away from speaking bluntly about president trump and his actions saying in a tweet quote this is what the president has caused today this insurrection he reportedly said a reaction to a republican mary bruce thanks very much i want to go back to martha rhett it’s on the streets of washington d.c the reinforcements are coming they certainly are george we are on our way to the capitol as you know we were downtown this morning when president trump was talking with thousands and thousands of trump supporters they are still scattered throughout the city but you can hear people see law enforcement vehicles heading from every part of this racing towards capitol hill i’ve talked to trump supporters as we make our way there and say what do you think of the fact they’ve reached the capitol they said they’ve done what they had to do and others just saying that joe biden didn’t win the election he didn’t win the election but there are still thousands of trump supporters to out the city and the amount of law enforcement headed there now i saw in my behind me some sort of armored vehicle heading up there so is there there is a tremendous response to what is happening up there before they try to get control of that situation pierre thomas chief just thank you martha pierre thomas chief justice correspondent uh as we’re seeing these pictures on full nights it appears that tear gas has been used near the capitol right there and are we in a position now to say that again something we would never imagine we’d have to say that the national guard may have to be called in to protect the united states capital well that is going to be looked at george what we can tell you is that the secret service and the federal protective service are in route to help support the capitol police we’re also being told the fbi is going to play a role here today this is just incredible to to witness the notion that they allow this many people to get that close to the capitol with such a contentious procedure underway is going to be investigated thoroughly but right now george there is a scramble just to get enough personnel up there to control the situation we’ve not yet heard from the attorney general in terms of what he is doing about the situation again it’s all hands on deck to get to the capitol and try to get the situation under control and one of the things george that i’m being told is that law enforcement is a very delicate situation some of these people who are meandering around the capitol don’t appear to have weapons and law enforcement’s got has to calibrate how do you remove them without making the situation a total free-for-all and not using excessive force so again the most intense incredible situation i’ve witnessed in terms of the capital since that the last time we had anything remotely close to this was when the man ran through the capitol with a gun briefly but now you have multiple people inside the capitol and law enforcement simply trying to amass enough personnel to move that crowd outside of the building and to get the people off the steps they want all those people on those grounds gone as soon as possible george hi everyone george stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the abc news youtube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to download the abc news app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching

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