Protests intensify in and outside the US Capitol |

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kenneth moton outside the capitol what are we seeing [Applause] george just an incredible scene here you hear the police sirens that’s because d.c police we know that d.c police have tried to keep people back from the capitol as much as possible but i’m on pennsylvania avenue where people march from the ellipse from the white house they actually took up a lot of the streets they march on pennsylvania avenue they march on constitution and then take a look right there to the west front of the capitol there are people on these stairs up there who are as mary mentioned they’re banging on the windows they’re banging on the doors all i see is a sea of red and blue trump signs waving right there these folks are really fired up as we know as they tried to storm the camera as they stormed the capitol george at one point as we were walking we heard people chanting we took the capital we took the capital because they wanted to make sure their voices were heard um at this point it is an incredible situation because we know that the national guard they are coming by the van lows to the capitol we saw at one point at least 20 federal protective service cars that were heading right for the capitol we also saw cars heading toward the white house because up and down the streets here in d.c it is quite a situation it’s an intense situation as federal and local authorities try to keep calm try to keep control here in the streets of d.c but at this point george we do not see that happening we see trump supporters who are all over the streets right now they are chanting they are yelling they’re saying stop the steal they are fighting for president trump and at this point as we see there on the capitol steps on the west front just a sea of humanity just a sea of trump supporters who are actually on the steps and what’s really striking is obviously on inauguration day on january 20th

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we are expecting to see a transition of power there on those same exact steps but at this moment we see chaos george you see this situation’s escalating quickly and dangerously want to go to ben siegel apparently an armed standoff now off the house floor ben and shots have been fired we’re hearing from reporters george who are barricaded inside the chamber they’ve evacuated members reporters are hiding on the floor in the gallery and there are is a standoff between protesters outside the chamber that walkway where vice president mike pence and the senators entered the chamber in the center of the room is being blockaded uh with furniture as the protesters are trying to get in capitol police have their guns drawn around the outside of that door inside the chamber rather where that door is being is being blocked off and um people are you know they’re shattered glass everywhere and there’s sounds again the reporters in the room are hearing sounds of gunshots as protesters are smashing the doors leading into the house chamber right now in a standoff with with capitol police okay and and ben you say shot so you believe that reporters inside the room heard multiple shots fired that’s yes again again i’m not in the room with them but but but you have uh several reporters uh who were there uh uh in a pool system this is something we actually set up because of the chronovirus to limit the number of people there sending out pool reports to the rest of the capitol hill press corps and they have said they here uh uh shot what they believe to be gunshots they have seen officers with their guns drawn on the house floor uh in a confrontation um with uh these these people who have entered the capital outside the chamber so that is what they’re telling us right now uh through this system hi everyone george stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the abc news youtube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to download the abc news app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching

credit by: morgancenterlibrary and ABC News on youtube


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