Trump supporters in DC protest Biden’s election victory |

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and some of president trump’s supporter are hitting the streets in the nation’s capital protesting today’s congressional vote affirming joe biden’s victory as some of those protesters clashed with police overnight kenneth moton is there in washington d.c with more kenneth good morning what’s happening right now diane our viewers will hear us say this is a big day in d.c because it is these stop the steel rallies have been going since november but this one here on the national mall right in front of the white house this is expected to be one of the biggest because it coincides with congress certifying the november election results for president-elect joe biden let me show you around here take a look behind me you see that save america march right there on that big monitor that’s constitution avenue right behind that monitor right there and then we’ve got the ellipse and then we’ve got the south lawn of the white house we understand president trump is expected to speak to this crowd we’ve got about 30 000 people who are expected to be here i want to turn this way right here and show you all the way up going toward the washington monument just tons of trump supporters here again 30 000 people are expected the permit was for 5 000 and then it got increased again this group that’s putting on this uh big event here on this january 6th is women for america first they were the ones who were behind that pro-trump rally that happened on december 12th that erupted in some violence here in washington d.c so that brings the concerns here for dc’s mayor muriel bowser who says look no one come into d.c also residents pretty much stay out of downtown area because they’re concerned about any potential violence especially as this rally goes throughout the day and then there is potential for violence when the sun goes down and so dc’s mayor has mobilized the national guard every city police officer is working today is on duty and right now as you see again thousands of trump supporters are already

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here in this 9 a.m hour here in washington to show their support for the president to say stop the steal again no evidence that votes were stolen no evidence that uh the president uh lost this election unfairly but still these supporters here big rallying cry for them by the president who his recent tweets have told people to come here to d.c again d.c on guard dc national guard mobilize police officers also on standby we are here to monitor all the developments throughout the day and we’ll have it for you right here on abc news live diane back to you kenneth moton thank you glad to see things look peaceful there at least for now hi everyone george stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the abc news youtube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to download the abc news app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching

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