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this morning abc news has learned vice president mike pence has informed president trump that he does not have the authority to challenge the result of the 2020 election the message coming after trump falsely claimed on twitter that the vice president has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors later today pence will oversee a joint session of congress where he’ll be required to announce joe biden as president-elect trump saying this on monday i hope mike pence comes through for us he’s a great guy of course if he doesn’t come through i won’t like him quite as much the president is now denying that pence told him he lacks the power to overturn the election claiming in a statement overnight that they both agree pence quote has the power to act while some republican lawmakers plan to challenge biden’s victory during today’s session the effort is being viewed as political theater certain to fail the vice president’s role is laid out by the constitution and is only ceremonial donald trump somehow believes that because pence will be holding the gavel when the votes are counted that he has the power to overturn the election pence has made it clear to trump that he does not have this power and i am told that donald trump is prepared to go after his own vice president and go after him hard if he does as expected and follows the rules in the meantime blocks from the white house overnight scuffles breaking out as trump supporters gather in support of his efforts to stay in power the national guard now providing quote traffic control in the city with more demonstrations expected and a bit of drama unfolding in pennsylvania right now republicans voted to not see the democratic lawmaker elected in november because his victory is being challenged in court

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