Georgia Voters Head To Polls In Crucial Senate Runoff Elections |

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this morning once again it’s election day in georgia i need you to call everybody you know and make sure they turn out to vote and with control of the u.s senate hanging in the balance the two races have shattered records for early votes cast and campaign dollars spent we’re going to keep georgia and we’re going to save america incumbent republican senators david perdue and kelly lefler squaring off against democrats jon ossoff and rafael warnock with both sides getting a last minute boost from the top of their party this is not an exaggeration georgia the whole nation is looking to you in his second visit to the peach state since flipping it blue in november president-elect joe biden told voters the fate of another coveted relief bill lies in their hands if you send john and the reverend to washington those 2 000 dollar checks will go out the door restoring hope and decency and honor for so many people are struggling right now further north in a nighttime rally of his own our country is depending on you president trump delivered his closing arguments for the gop candidates far left wants to destroy our country demolish our history and erase everything that we hold dear this could be the most important vote you will ever cast for the rest of your life joining him on stage senator kelly lefler with a virtual appearance from senator david perdue in quarantine after a close contact tested positive for covid 19.

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simply put we win georgia we save america the president’s speech filled with false claims about the election he lost outside the rally some supporters say doubts or not they are not sitting this election out whether it was a stolen election or not i’m not going to sit by and just let them steal it blaine we remember those long days waiting to find out what happened in georgia in the presidential election so i’m imagining we shouldn’t expect a result tonight necessarily not necessarily savannah you remember for the presidential election we saw the results tallied not once not twice but three times that’s due in large part to the fact that there was a state mandated audit that had to take place that’s not the case this time around but we do know that there could still be a candidate requested recount according to georgia law if the margin is within .5 percent of each other then the candidate can request a recount you.

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