Massive Power Ball And Mega Millions Jackpots Total Nearly $1 Billion |

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this morning plenty of people are dreaming about how they would spend all of that lottery money a new year bringing new hopes of a big windfall plus the gold mega ball get out your tickets good luck the mega millions drawing tonight and then again tomorrow with the powerball both jackpots now topping 400 million dollars each about like 200 worth of tickets mega million and powerball never mind the odds of winning one in about 300 million just imagine what a jackpot like that could mean especially in these tough times toilet paper shortage not with 400 million for that kind of money you could buy more than 32 million 12 pack rolls as for those ever elusive clorox wipes if you felt the need you could buy more than 149 million canisters assuming you could find them humor aside in a year the pandemic has caused so much loss a 400 million dollar windfall could change so much for so many if the winner donated just half of their take what could you do with that money wow carrie 200 million dollars i can definitely hire about 4 000 nurses a couple hundred pharmacists to get this vaccine dispensed julio guerrero has been delivering groceries to make ends meet i would like to to use that money to help the community like poor people 72 year old mary living on a modest pension and social security i would pay it forward that’s where i want to start and feeding america says just one dollar can feed one person three meals for three days perhaps reflective of the times every hopeful winner we spoke to said they’d give at least half their winnings away and use the other half to live a dream well i would retire and give it to my kids give it to my kids because that’s where i spend all my money chances of winning the mega millions one in 302 million chances of winning the powerball one in 292 million so you’re saying there’s a chance yeah guys hey proud of you there all right honey you

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