2021 Health Questions: Where Will I Get My Vaccination? | JPNN.us

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we’re gonna get started with uh dr torres we’re getting a ton of questions dr torres from people on twitter online so this is one we get a lot as an essential worker will i be getting the vaccine shot through my employer or on my own just clarify that confusion and i wish i could clarify the confusion but it’s confusing across the country and it’s probably going to stay that way for a little while here’s why it’s state by state sometimes county by county on how they do this and it depends on the delivery they’re getting from the distribution of the vaccine so your best bet is first talk to your employer when you get in your phase talk to them to find out when you can get it and if they’re giving it to people then check with the state public health websites because they’re going to have some information they might they might you to the county public health website and talk to your doctor you definitely want to get it when you’re in your phase but you might have to do your homework you might have to do some leg work to try and find out how to exactly when you can and where you can get it and along the lines of receiving the vaccine we’ve seen how slow the rollout is there are not many vaccines that are given out in the united states i think the number is 4 million or something like that when do you anticipate most americans will be vaccinated but i think most americans are going to be vaccinated by summer time and you heard earlier about the confusion and the roll out not just here but globally and how slow it’s going the ball is going to start rolling a lot faster it’s going to smooth out the systems are going to get under control but i still think it’s going to be springtime before the general public can start getting it and probably summertime dr fauci said fall i think it’s that’s probably a little late my guess is probably summertime by the time most of us end up getting it one last very very popular question on instagram when should we expect to not be wearing masks anymore you know this is the biggest question i get from a lot of people when can we ditch these masks and i think we’re going to have to keep masks here for a while especially after you get the vaccine you still need it my guess is going forward masks are going to be in our lives probably for the rest of our lives every now and then every now and then all right dr torres thank you you

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