How Work Will Be Different In 2021: Will Companies Require Vaccinations? |

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what changes may be coming to the workplace that’s the question that stephanie rule is going to answer for us hey steph uh okay here’s our numero uno question will companies require require their employees to get vaccinated well companies can in december the federal government said a company can ask their employees to get vaccinated and if you’re not comfortable your employer could say well we’re not ready to have you back in the office now like all things we really want the answer to it’s complicated it’s not completely black and white so if there are religious reasons or health reasons why you can’t you want to work with your employer and hopefully find other accommodations okay a lot of people want to know steph what the future of the workplace is life a guy named steve sent us a question let’s hear it hi my name is steve could it be time for more companies to consider moving work to people’s home offices many people are more productive there and it could be considered a cost-saving effort in terms of office space well we’re already seeing a mix a lot of companies are phasing their employees back google for example is doing a collaborative work week where you’re in the office for a few days and you’re working from home a couple of other days to steve’s point we will likely see in the future companies start to shrink their office space but i wouldn’t expect it soon nobody really wants to share desks right now and the last thing to think about when we do go back to work dr torres said it we will likely be wearing masks at work and if you take public transportation you’re definitely going to be wearing a mask then and just quickly steph this is a biggie a lot of the restaurant industry obviously has been hit hard by this when do you think we’re actually going to see crowded restaurants again crowded restaurants health experts say not until the fall you are not going to be crowding into a bar for st patrick’s day by cinco de mayo you are probably eating indoors with some space but as far as jamming on it in a bar i’ll see you next winter jam we’ll join you at the bar next winter steph that’s a date all right thank you you

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