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today is also a huge day in georgia it is election day and the stakes are high with control of the u.s senate in the balance here’s a live look at voters in canton georgia lined up to cast their ballots okay so how do we get here well georgia state rules they require a winning candidate to get 50 percent of the vote well in november no senate candidates topped that mark so today republican incumbent david perdue facing democratic challenger john ossoff republican kelly luffler is defending her seat against democrat uh reverend rafael warnock now if the democrats are victorious in both races they’ll essentially seize control of the senate uh so here we turn to of course the master of the big board msnbc national political correspondent mr steve corp mackey hello steve how are you good morning happy election day to you running out i love this so so why do these two georgia senate races matter and how could these senate seats potentially impact the incoming biden administration’s plans yeah you just laid out the bottom line there i mean we are basically we did 2021 this is still the 2020 election that we’re settling here we know democrats are going to have the white house we know democrats are going to have control of the house of representatives this is the remaining unfinished piece of business control of the u.s senate so right now republicans are going to have at least 50 seats democrats at least 48 it is these two georgia seats today that are in the runoff that are going to decide this if the republicans win even one of these seas today just one of the two they’d be at 51 they would have the majority in the senate they would control the senate for the incoming biden administration suddenly there is a giant potential roadblock in terms of getting its agenda through having republicans control the senate if democrats pick up both of these seats 50-48 becomes 50-50 a 50-50 tie in the senate is broken by the vice president that would be kamala harris democrats would then if they kept everybody in line on every vote would be able to move through a biden agenda through the senate potentially through the house and then potentially into law so potentially huge difference here for the incoming administration steve this is usually all over my head but you explain it so well doing what you do but what did we see in terms of early voting where do the races stand as voters in georgia head to the polls this morning what do you see yeah let’s take a look here and of course early voting i always caution folks be careful here because it can be deceiving this is this is what happened in november when biden carried this state very narrowly here the question for democrats today is basically can they replicate this can they do in these senate races today exactly what joe biden did because i mean look at this margin for biden under 12 000 of votes statewide two tenths of one point this is the first time a democrat carried georgia in a presidential race since all the way back in 1992 and he did it barely so democrats need to replicate that today they feel good about getting some of their core voting groups out during the early voting period one area there’s a lot of counties sort of in this section of the state right here with large black populations where democrats feel they could have done better in november in terms of turnout and they feel potentially they have done better in the early voting period in getting a larger african-american turnout we will see because the question of course the big variable is what you just showed there canton georgia for instance same day voting how many republicans are going to turn out and vote today is that going to overwhelm any advantage democrats built up in the early voting period we have seen this story many times before where it has democrats are feeling optimistic this will be the time the early voting gets them over the top we will find out hopefully tonight well i was going to ask you steve we probably won’t know the because even if you get everything in if there’s a certain percentage the the person can demand a recount right if if we’re anything like we were in this biden trump race back in november you’re talking about a potential recount i should point out too biden ended up winning the state biden did not take the lead in the vote count in georgia until 3 a.m friday morning of election week because now i have talked to some county officials they believe they learned a lot of lessons in november about how to count process these male votes so they think it will be quicker this time but this did take days back in the world well steve thank you so much and we’re going to be seeing a lot more of you by the way you’re going to join us the next couple of fridays to preview some major nfl games switching gears a little bit but you’ve got the big board and we can’t wait you’ve been doing such a great job on football night in america so we can’t wait to have you back i can’t wait to do it we got more playoff games than ever with the expansion this year this is great he’s got extra pants fantastic all right you

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