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we’re taking a look live at fulton county georgia outside a polling station as people continue to arrive there fulton county where atlanta is located it is voting day in that state an election that will shape joe biden’s presidency people in georgia are casting ballots in two runoff votes that will determine control of the u.s senate democrats winning senate control would give a big boost to biden’s administration our senior washington editor lindsey duncam is watching that very closely why because there’s so much at stake in this lindsey trump and biden held dueling rallies yesterday on the eve of the vote what were their closing messages well you got the sense heather from both leaders that this is about far more than one state or just these two senate seats with the balance of power in the senate at stake you know for democrats biden winning georgia was a huge victory the first time that had happened in decades even though donald trump refuses to believe the biden one even after three recounts so with biden in the state his message was one of really continuing that momentum he was promising things specific to the pandemic including economic relief as well as an efficient vaccine rollout here’s some of what biden told voters in georgia yesterday it’s been intense it’s been non-stop but i’m asking you to give everything you’ve got one more day one more day and that one more day this is not hyperbole you can change america and you know there really is from republicans a sense of fear they’re worried about that change the idea that handing the control of the senate by making it a tie with those two senate seats should they flip meaning that control in a tie-breaking vote would go to the vice president-elect kamala harris that is a sense of something that the republicans including the president heather are portraying as scary here’s what donald trump said at his rally the radical democrats are trying to capture george’s senate seats so they can wield unchecked unrestrained absolute power over every aspect of your lives and it was interesting to watch this rally with donald trump because this could be one of the last campaign rallies we see from the president as president and he didn’t spend a whole lot of time on the senate race in georgia he repeated the false claims that the election was stolen from him and he went on to talk about what’s going to happen this week in congress as senators and members of the house of representatives are going to essentially delay the certification of the vote by congress they don’t have the votes to do more than that but a lot of grievances aired by the president right in line with those grievances is one of the people vying for that senate seat the person who’s in the seat now trying to keep her job kelly lefler at the rally she said that she will join those senators heather in the effort to overturn the election results in congress yes that says something we’ll be watching very closely tomorrow kelly lefler one of the names to listen for today one of the republicans vying for one of those two seats tell us more about the other three candidates well luffy’s particularly interesting because she’s one of the wealthiest members of congress she owns a stake in the wnba franchise in atlanta and she’s been critical of the black lives matter movement she is running against someone with very opposite views a pastor a preacher reverend raphael warnock who actually preaches in the same church where martin luther king martin luther king jr was was the preacher on the flip side you have more contrast in that second seat you’ve got a young filmmaker in his early 30s running for the democrats up against the current republican senator who is the former ceo of of reebok and 70 years old so generational differences uh certainly present in that in terms of turnout that’s what really matters and we know georgians care about this election more than three million of them have already cast their ballots what does that mean it means heather that we could not get the results tonight or rather it could take days to count them because what the american election process really needs right now is more suspense that’s right and we’ll here we are again right back where we were in november it seems in some ways lindsay thank you so very much our senior washington editor lindsey duncan

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