UK struggles with the spread of new variant of coronavirus |

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britain’s vaccine rollout isn’t going entirely to plan at one local doctor’s practice in central london supplies of the newly approved oxford astrazeneca jab hadn’t arrived as expected awkwardly the health secretary was there to oversee distribution now we can make sure that it gets to all those gp surgeries that like this one can do all the vaccinations that are needed now the the rate limiting step is the supply of vaccine and we’re working with the companies both pfizer and of course astrazeneca to increase the supply and supply is proving a problem since december one and a half million people have received either the pfizer or astrazeneca jab most with only a single dose so far the second delayed in the hope that more can receive a first dose more quickly it’s a life-saving strategy said mr hancock if not one supported by the drug manufacturers or the world health organization it’ll make me feel more comfortable going out to the shops for shopping and things like that you know because it’s always a concern about mixing with people the government is a long way from injecting two million people a week required to meet its target of 13.9 million of the elderly and most vulnerable by mid-february this is a national challenge on a scale like nothing we’ve seen before and it will require an unprecedented national effort and of course there will be difficulties appointments will be changed but as brigadier prosser will shortly explain the army is working hand-in-glove with the nhs and local councils to set up our vaccine network and using battle preparation techniques to help us keep up the pace all the while covid19 and its more infectious variant are running rampant nhs leaders have warned that london hospitals in particular could be overwhelmed within days short of thousands of critical care beds by mid-january there is a national lockdown in place but this is a clear race now virus versus vaccine jonah al jazeera

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