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meanwhile there’s some new hope that another vaccine could help speed up this fight against the virus the uk administered the first doses of oxford university and astrazeneca’s vaccine this morning at select hospitals and plans to launch hundreds more vaccination sites this week now the uk has seen more than 50 000 new cases a day for the past six days and prime minister boris johnson says more lockdown restrictions are likely in the coming weeks foreign correspondent maggie rooley joins me now from london with more on this maggie good morning what’s the um latest on the new vaccine there and how are people reacting to it hey dan good morning there is so much hope hanging on this vaccine like you say we are seeing new record numbers here in the uk not what we wanted to see going into 2021 but health officials are calling this new vaccine from oxford astrazeneca they’re calling it a pivotal moment in the fight against coronavirus you know we just saw the first people getting this vaccine outside of trials this morning it was a 82 year old year old man who’s on dialysis and he told reporters he says you know this vaccine means everything to me it is a way to get back to normal life and i think that’s what we’re all feeling right now you know that that dose that he received that’s one of about half a million doses we have today in the uk we are expecting more by the end of the week so again so much hope but we also caution that this is going to happen slowly you know the first few days they’re monitoring it closely to make sure there’s no adverse reactions of the vaccine then we’re also expecting there to be problems with more production and distribution so while we have these huge goals of tens of millions of doses being given out in the next couple of months uh experts here do caution diane that it’s gonna take time so there’s so much hope but all that hope still sometimes feels a long way away yeah it does i know one of the big things with this vaccine versus some of the others is that it doesn’t have to be kept at such low temperatures overall how do these vaccines compare against one another yeah dan that’s the big one i mean this vaccine today it’s being called just a game changer those other two ones we talk about a lot pfizer and modena they’re both in use right now in the states they require that ultra cold storage but this one from oxford it doesn’t need to be super cold like the other ones it’s also less expensive so many experts are saying not only will that help with vaccinations in countries like here in the uk it’s also going to help countries that don’t have robust infrastructure in their medical systems and oxford’s already promised hundreds of millions of doses to be delivered at cost to low and middle-income countries so really people are helping hoping that this could be the world’s vaccine this could really help bring down case numbers around the globe which again is what we need to battle the virus it doesn’t work if only rich countries are able to eradicate the virus it needs to be eradicated all over the globe so the experts really say the importance of today’s vaccine cannot be overstated and prime minister boris johnson is warning of stricter lockdowns because of rising cases is that because of this new more contagious variant of the virus or is something else driving the surge experts can’t say for sure just yet i think it’s a combination of both the new variants and also people and fatigue you know you mentioned victor had some of those parties that were happening in miami we were also seeing that in europe there was a huge rave of 2 500 people in france that was cut down over new year’s eve there was another 40-hour rave in spain that police broke up so we are seeing these huge parties that could be fueling some of this outbreak but when you look at the numbers that are coming out diane experts say it’s more than just people they do really blame these new variants here in the uk we’re seeing record numbers hospitals are saying that they are seeing more people with covet in their hospitals now than during the peak back in april so things are worse right now than when we first encountered this virus there’s also a lot of concerns about that new strain and south africa as well they fear that it could be worse than even the one here in the uk so people and experts are very very concerned about these new variants and it’s not only here in the uk and south africa as we know that variant here in the uk has been picked up in multiple states in the u.s as well so as we have this sort of hope at the end of the tunnel the vaccines are here diane rejoicing but uh we also have this fear that you know we still have to battle against new variants and still use things like social distancing and mask where of course sort of keep us safe until that vaccine rollout can be as full as it possibly can be dan we need patience right now maggie rooley in london thank you hi everyone george 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