Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan on president’s phone call: ‘I was disappointed’ |

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the voices of some of the voters there in georgia in these two senate runoff races and for more on that and on that recording of president trump pushing georgia secretary of state to quote find him the votes and overturn their certified election we’re happy to be joined by george’s republican lieutenant governor jeff duncan lieutenant governor thanks very much for being with us i just want to get your thoughts look we all heard it some of us have delved into the full hour-long recording of the president’s phone call with secretary of state raffensburg what was your reaction when you heard that coming from the president i was disappointed i don’t think there’s any other way to describe it from my perspective when i first heard it first heard about it and then actually put my ears on it disappointed for sure can’t imagine anybody on the president’s team thought that was a good idea but it is what it is it’s another blow to us here in georgia another distraction but certainly kelly lefler and david perdue continue to work hard and hopefully we’ve got enough republicans that can push through this and show up tomorrow and get them across the finish line well let me delve into that just a little bit this distraction the president has been uh really calling into question the integrity of the entire election system in georgia and other states and so you mentioned it as a distraction what kind of impact do you think this phone call is going to have on republicans who might be disheartened by joe biden’s victory there and now confused by everything they bring on social media and from the president of the united states well i i do think it it you know is going to have a negative impact uh hopefully it’s not uh anything that’s going to change the outcome of the election and we can continue to push forward but it’s a continued narrative where you know certain some republicans including the president have just decided to to use the misinformation and the election fraud uh you know conspiracy theories as an excuse and uh quite honestly i don’t think it helps us short term uh certainly doesn’t help us long term as we try to figure out what went right the last four years and what can we improve on in a gop 2.0 and so look we’re just going to have to keep keep going to work we’ve got 36 more hours roughly and i’m certainly going to spend all that time trying to get voters to show up for to vote for kelly and david and elections are always about tomorrow as you say republican 2.0 the president’s there what do you want to hear from him tonight he’s a great campaigner as he’s demonstrated what do you expect and what do you want to hear from him tonight well i think if he stays focused on the accomplishments of his administration and stays focused on the accomplishments of kelly lefler and david perdue as conservative senators i think we got a great shot to continue to remind enough folks to show up to vote for them to win that’s important all this other you know business and garbage and misinformation is a distraction it’s a side show it does nothing it’s wasted energy uh in in the big picture here and so my hope is that we just spend they spend their time focusing on talking about their accomplishments so lieutenant governor i was looking at the georgia code title 21 of the elections section chapter 2 section 604 criminal solicitation to commit election fraud do you think that responsible law enforcement officials in the state of georgia should look into this call to see if any of your state’s laws were violated well i’m certainly not a lawyer and so i’ll let them uh make sure that they investigate uh all you know the letter of the laws you just read what i will tell you as a republican i do support law enforcement and i think it’s important to remind as many folks across america that might have doubts or might have concerns or might have read some of this misinformation that we’ve had our law enforcement along this entire process we’ve had post-certified investigators in the secretary of state’s office and also our gbi our georgia bureau of investigators work with the signature audit process so we’ve had law enforcement with us every step of the way i’m proud of their efforts even though the guy i voted for didn’t win i’m proud of the law enforcement efforts here and as a republican i’m i’m very very proud of that and let me ask you as a rising politician in the state of georgia what is this say about our democracy what does it say about uh the voters that that you are answerable to that you’re going to want to speak to going forward that so many of them are are willing to believe that it’s a sham our democracy yeah i think this is a great pivot point for us uh as a party uh and as a country but uh you know if i’m looking at it through a partisan lens this is a great pivot point for us to go back to the basics right we just spent four years validating that an outsider can come in and make big changes in washington dc but where do we go from here uh you know where how can we get better at the policy how can we be more empathetic to those that we’re trying to bring into the fold and how do we how do we change our tone i mean 280 characters has just been a constant barrage of of of you know just con continuing to beat people down i think we can do better as a party this is a pivot point and i think we’ll look back at this time and see it as an opportunity for us to go from here well that’s optimistic more conversation less tweeting maybe let me ask you finally so what should the rest of the country as they’re looking at what’s happening in georgia what should they know about georgia’s election officials and how they’ve handled this presidential election yeah i’m proud to be on the team governor kemp secretary raffensberger ourselves our attorney general chris carr and others 159 different counties working together have put on a fair legal election was it perfect i’m certain that’s not the case right every state every county always has opportunities to make improvements but we have put on a fair legal election we have worked as hard as we possibly can to validate those results and we’re going to do that again tomorrow and certainly i want america uh to to to be proud of this election i want georgians to be proud of this election uh and hopefully we can get through this and on january 6th 7th 8th whichever day all the final results are tabulated we can all wake up and turn the page and move on from here well let’s hope jeff duncan the lieutenant governor of the state of georgia thanks very much and good luck to you thank you sir hi everyone george stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the abc news youtube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to download the abc news app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching

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