Georgia congresswoman: ‘I was stunned’ by Trump phone call |

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for more on the race in georgia we are now joined by congresswoman carolyn bordeaux who was sworn in sunday as one of the newest democratic members in congress representative bordeaux thanks so much for joining us happy new year to you as well thanks for having me now you represent parts of northeast metro atlanta and some of the surrounding counties that were critical in president-elect biden’s november victory what are you seeing on the ground there as far as interest and turnout for tomorrow senate runoff elections and let’s get you to look into your crystal ball here for a moment what are the chances the democrats are able to pull off two victories here to ultimately get control of the senate well we are very optimistic about how things look right now we do have to recognize this as georgia and we have to fight for every vote we have to fight to make sure everyone can vote but right now you can look at the numbers in the democratically held congressional districts and turnout is significantly higher than it is in a good number of the republican-held congressional districts so what we’re seeing is a real surge in democratic voter turnout and we just need to keep that going through tuesday but in theory democrats often are more likely to vote earlier than republicans right uh in this case yes in the past few elections uh in georgia the democrats have voted earlier that has not always been the case uh but it is now and um we just need people to keep on turning out to keep on pushing all the way through the line but we are feeling very optimistic about where we are at this particular point going into tuesday now you were the only democratic congressional candidate to flip a red district blue in 2020.

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So what do you say to a republican or independent in your district who may have voted for president-elect biden and also for you but they now plan to support one or both of the republican senators as a check on democrats controlling the white house house and senate well one of the things i ran on was getting things done for the people of the state and we’re in the middle of a really serious crisis right now in georgia our hospitals are overflowing uh we are seeing you know friends neighbors so many loved ones who are falling sick with covid um and who are filling up our hospitals and and we need people who will actually deliver results and we know that the republicans in the senate have made it their trademark just to shut everything down and to not deliver for the american people and so that was what i ran on was getting things done for the people in my district in georgia and that’s what jon ossoff and reverend warnock are running on as well and just like to get your reaction to the president’s call this weekend pressuring georgia’s secretary of state to quote recalculate the results in georgia’s presidential race first what did you think when you heard the president’s words on that call and also what were your thoughts as far as how the republican state officials handled it i was stunned i was stunned but of course it is part and parcel of an effort that has been going on for months from president trump to try to overturn and subvert the elections in georgia um but to hear that so baldly on the phone him asking our secretary of state to find him some more votes uh was really shocking um and you know all in all i appreciate that the secretary of state and the governor have held the line and upheld the rule of law in georgia and you tweeted yesterday that quote i will use every power in my authority to reject trump’s attacks on our election do you believe that there was any criminal action by the president in this call and if so do you support state or federal charges against him or any action by congress well i am waiting to hear from the attorneys who are looking into whether this is a violation of state and federal law i have heard some early indications that absolutely it was it’s hard for me to imagine that it was not and we will be looking for ways to hold the president accountable and we’ve seen many republicans standing with the president on plans to contest the election certification on wednesday so with that being the case how difficult do you think that it will be to work with republicans who you believe are trying to subvert the democratic process do you think that this starts to fade away one’s blindness worn in or could this cause some lasting damage in congress i think they’re clearly republicans even in georgia who recognize that this election was a free and fair election uh and you see rafsenberger and the governor of georgia saying biden won sorry president trump biden won and so i do think they’re republicans who recognize that and uh that’s an important starting point for me uh reaching out to them i think we really have to focus on what is important for the american people uh we need to get past this election the charges that the republicans or a certain segment of republicans in georgia have been raising about the elections are outrageous but we need to move past that we have a pandemic that we need to deal with we have a health care crisis we need to make investments in education and transportation and i look forward to working with republicans to solve those really pressing needs of the american people representative carolyn burdeaux of georgia we thank you so much for your time thank you hi everyone george stephanopoulos here thanks for checking out the abc news youtube channel if you’d like to get more videos show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel and don’t forget to download the abc news app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching

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